The Life Giving Flow of Water

I find life to be ever increasingly rapid.

It is almost as if it is a raging river speeding towards the edge of a free fall.

If one is to ponder on this subject for very long, a very logical conclusion can be arrived at. You see, rivers begin in a body of water, and though the journey of each individual river may be different, every particular one will end up resolved in a final resting place. If we are to further think on this subject we can realize that rivers and humans are not at all that different.

The ideal form of a river is to provide life giving water to everything that it happens to touch along the course of its journey. If you were to search long enough on a riverbank you would find that any form of life abiding within its reach will search for the river flow. Take for instance a tree that is planted by the riverside, upon further study one would realize that the roots of the tree extend towards that which provides its very essence. Without the river could we expect these life-forms to survive?

In the same way as rivers, each of our human souls begins at a preordained location and travels along a winding path. Some of these journeys can be long, some can be short. Some follow rocky journeys while others experience a freeing flow of natural processes. What is common though, is that every single river, or soul, will arrive at its pre-ordained destination.

Even though we may change our direction from time to time, our ultimate goal is to give life to everything we touch. What good is a river if it does not bring life to an other wise dead wasteland? Potential is before us at every waking moment…Potential to give life. As is the case with some bodies of water, they branch off to create new paths. New roads that mostly lead to dead ends. These unwarranted detours may give life to the small pieces of substance that they touch, but their ultimate purpose and destination is never truly understood. We have before us a great and unmistakable opportunity to give life to the world around us, to be the breath of fresh air that this earth so desperately needs. Unfortunately, many souls today venture off of the main path to create new roads that ultimately lead to their end.

The challenge therein lies within the course we take. We have yet another beginning in front of us…A fresh look at the course…A revived spirit of movement. Draw strength from the body of water from where you came and give life to that which is around you. Keep pressing on for the day of final rest.

It is the author’s firm belief and stance that the analogy drawn from here is rooted in the Word of God. It is the belief that Jesus Christ is the ultimate life giving flow of water that we come from. We each make our own decisions on which path to take but one thing remains the same, we will all come to an end. Whether that end is a peaceful or dark one is up to the individual and their beliefs in God, the saving work of Christ, and if they have a lasting relationship with the Savior of the World. If any one has questions please do not hesitate to ask.

God bless you all.

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