The Beautiful Road Ahead

If you were to ask me where I thought I’d be in 10 years I wouldn’t know how to respond. 

I’ve been in so many places, met so many people, traveled so many roads…It’s hard to think of where else I could go.

When I think of life I often find it to be quite an expansive thought, full of wonder and fear. I can’t help but picture myself traveling through the valleys staring at the unknown, smiling at the thought of where I’ve been. Even though my feeble mind can’t process the atmosphere of the times ahead, I can’t help but find excitement in the prospect of moving forward.

I often think of the people who have traveled my road with me…or I on theirs. I reminisce on friends whose roads ended unexpectedly, acquaintances who have often found rest within the confines of a ditch on the side, lovers lost and a love yet to be found, and of family who have paved the way for me to follow. I remember mountains crossed, rivers swum in, and fields full of grace. The darkness had its moment in the limelight but the sun shone brighter than ever before come the morning.

My short-lived journey is akin to many of yours; full of failure, victory, redemption, and loss. I am on the steady path home.

My final resting place.

Some days I wish to simply lay down my guns and rest…

But then the prospect of my future and God’s leading gives me hope to keep pushing on.

To God be the glory, forever, and ever, amen.

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