To me there was no such thing as light anymore

My bright view of life turned as red as the blood stained door

I had no reason to believe in hope

Nor the ever growing feeling of loss

For all intents and purposes

I was dead in my worthlessness

Mommy was dead and Daddy a psychopath

Me? I was left to walk on my own psycho-path

This is what loneliness is

Author’s Note:

I greatly thank each and every one of you for your support by reading this post. These poems are fictional and part of an ongoing story that I am seeking to tell. Please, take a look at my previous posts under the category, “Stories”. Once again, thank you and God bless you!

2 Replies to “Loneliness”

  1. Mathew, God saved me at age eight. I can not promise that the path will be easy. In fact, it will be hard. If it is not then that means you aren’t in the fight. But, God will provide. He will not break the promise He made to Himself. Hit the ground when you are overwhelmed and let the bullets fly past you knowing that God will handle everything past, present, and future. I have to learn this everyday.

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    1. Amen!! Thank you so much for your encouragement. It was greatly needed today! These stories are not about me but I feel as though the general emotions are all something we struggle with. Thank you so much for taking the time to care and to post! God bless you! 🙂


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