The Best Things

Good things come to those who wait

How many times have I caught myself wondering what life will do next? Actually, how many times have I caught myself wondering where life will take me next?

I’ve been down so many long and winding roads that I’ve seemingly lost count of the wooded forests, vast oceans, and beautiful people that I’ve encountered along the way…but none such as beautiful as you.

You and I seemed to be on completely separate paths; walking along different cobblestone steps heading in a completely opposite direction. Then one day as I was strolling along my broken road I happened to come upon an unknown way. I thought to myself, “Curious. No one seems to be walking this road. It seems that no soul has yet crossed this way…” As I was thinking this very thing I saw your silhouette come into view along the horizon. Intrigued by the prospect of who may be coming my way I sat down and patiently waited.

As you got closer I realized that you were indeed a woman, and a stunningly beautiful one at that. As you drew near I noticed that you had come on a long journey such as myself but your demeanor was soft…gentle…warm. Conversation began upon your arrival and I found myself unable to breathe. I couldn’t do much else but stare into your gorgeous blue eyes…I was lost in them. Our journeys had been long so we both sat and enjoyed the company that we provided each other.

As time went on I came to the conclusion that I wanted you to walk with me. I wanted to share a little piece of my journey with you. Trembling and fearful of your rejection I (nervously) asked if you would join me on my path. It was almost as if the whole world stopped as I awaited your answer. To my utmost pleasure you agreed and we set out on our own little adventure.

I knew my heart was yours from the first day

We walked, we talked, we laughed, and we shared our biggest fears, our biggest moments of failure, and our biggest moments of success. It was at this time that I noticed that many days had come and gone. We had walked miles but it had only felt like a few feet. Do you know how time flies when you’re not focused on its essence? Have you ever noticed that the days go by with more fluency when you’re lost in something other than yourself? If you have, this is how I was with you…and still am.

One day as we were strolling through the sunny countryside you turned to me and said that you needed to go. You told me that you needed to journey on alone. It wasn’t because our feelings weren’t the same, it wasn’t because our paths couldn’t fit, but rather your journey required you to fight your battles alone…for now.

What else could I do but let you walk away? What else could I do but send you onward?

I am saddened that you felt the need to go but respectfully I watched you walk off into the sunset; hopeful of the day that I would see you again. Hopeful that maybe one day our paths would become one again.

You were and are the most beautiful thing to walk into my life and I wish you strength on your journey. My desire and resolve to see us walking together again has not and will not die. I will wait for you. I will watch for you. If and when I see your blonde hair and blue eyes walk back into view believe me when I say that my heart will skip more than just a beat. But for now I will walk my path, smiling as I think on the few moments we had together. I will wait…patiently, hopefully, and lovingly. You’re worth it.

The Best Things in Life Never Come Easily…

“There were days when I thought I’d lost you
I read the letter aloud, what could I do?
Now, we’re right back where we belong
Don’t second guess your heart, it’s never wrong

We were right
We stood through it all
Holding tight
Whenever we fall
What we found is second to none”

-Imaginary Future

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