Leaves Fall

Today’s post comes at the hands of Makayla Miller! This is a story that she wrote recently and I wanted to feature it on my blog!


The morning breeze blew across my face. I shook as the crisp air rushed by me. This morning felt different and I was not sure why. Weakness seemed to be streaming through my veins. Was I sick, I thought? I could not pinpoint what was different about that morning. I just did my best to hang in there like every other day. I always tried to do my best at everything I did, although I had only faced a few stormy trials in my life.

As the sun had begun to rise higher above me, I started looking around. I almost could not believe my eyes. I was awestruck at the sight I was perceiving. It was absolutely beautiful! The vivid color was bursting from trees everywhere. This was my first fall season and I had never experienced such breathtaking sights in my entire life. There were reds, oranges, yellows, browns, and even some purple leaves all waving at me in the wind. Wow, how I had wished I could be as beautiful as they all were. But I was only a meager maple leaf, and a young one too. It would only be my largest dream to someday in the future become as the others had—beautifully colorful. I desired to be a sight that had the ability to warm human’s hearts and make them feel happiness for the beauty I would display; but that was too large of a wish, I could never be that, so I thought.

After I dismissed that hopeless desire, I noticed another crazy phenomenon occurring. Everywhere I looked, leaves were taking flight to the ground. Even the colorful leaves that had once snuggled next to me as a warm neighbor were leaving to take rest on the ground. No, I did not want them to go, I thought. The wind seemed to be snagging leaves here and there, from everywhere. What a thief that wind was, stealing the leaves from their lofty home. I only prayed it would not steal me!

A spirt of weakness sprinted though my veins again. I could feel the crisp autumn air seem to be calling for me. I absolutely did not want to depart from my home in maple. I loved it here and did not want anything to change. I could hear a large breeze approaching. The wind was tugging at my stem and my weak self could not hold on much longer. Before I knew it, I was soaring through the air. Free falling to the ground. Flipping and flopping over again. Fright filled my soul. Smoothly, I landed on the soft ground.

I happened to land on the edge of a crystal pond. I was very sad that I was no longer in the comfortable abode of my home in the tree top. And to add to that, I now had absolutely no hope of becoming like the other beautifully colored leaves. What a sad day it had been. I began looking around. As I peered into the pond, something amazing caught my eye. It was me! I could not believe it! How was it possible? These thoughts stormed through my mind. The truth was that I was bright red in color. The still pond clearly conveyed that to me. A marvelous thing it was! That must have been the reason why I had felt so weak that morning. It all made since, and although I was sad about leaving the tree, I was utterly overjoyed about having become a beautiful red leaf like I had always dreamed of becoming. From that day on, I never again questioned anything I could do. I always knew that nothing was impossible because the God who created me, formed me with a plan and a purpose.

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