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Confessions is a community. We can’t have a community if we don’t know you! Feel free to write us if you have questions, want to get to know us more, or would like to write for Confessions.

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12 Replies to “Contact Us”

  1. Matthew! I’ve been thinking about you recently and hope that you have been doing well. I want to put some short stories together, remembering my favorite of yours, “A Wolf Named Sheep”. Thank you for being such a profound inspiration, my friend. X Chris

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      1. Congratulations on wrapping school up!!! Don’t know how you can help…maybe direct me to some good fiction writing resources? My brother wrote a great book that I am reading now, “My Brother’s Keeper”, by Jonathan Lewis, and that’s been another inspiration.

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      2. Thank you so much!! I’ll definitely keep my eye open and let you know of anything I come across! I don’t know if you’ll ever have use for them but my stories are free to use for you! Just let me know if you do beforehand :]


      1. Yes, I’e been looking through your site today and need to catch up on your short stories. I actually posted the beginnings of the map for my world and would like to make it a series of short stories. Also sent you a Fb IM but think it may have gone to your other In Box. So exhilarating to know you’re still writing.

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