Devin Purgason



Devin was born in 1994 to a young mother who loved the Lord and a father who did not. 1994 was also the year that Kurt Cobain died and Justin Bieber was born, so there’s that. Devin was homeschooled for a while until he began attending a private Christian school in the 8th grade. He later graduated from that private Christian school and enrolled in a community college.

Devin had learned how to go through the motions of the Christian life. While attending his Christian school, he made many professions of faith, but they were dead and empty attempts at displacing the wrath of God through changing his behavior. It was not until his freshman year of community college that God caused Devin to realize that he was not a follower of Jesus Christ. God saved Devin during this time and reached down to the depths to breath life into his dead, decaying lungs.

At this time, Devin was lead to start attending an institution that taught God’s Word. He began his journey at Piedmont International University and on May 6th, 2016, Devin graduated from Piedmont with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and double minors in Counseling and Secondary Bible Education. Devin is so grateful for the immense education he received at Piedmont.

Devin is now a freelance photographer and videographer. He currently works at Piedmont International University as their Social Media and Marketing Coordinator.

But that’s enough of the dry facts. Devin comes from a [constantly] broken home and knows all too well the pain of inadequacy. He uses the artistry of photography to tell stories, help others, create long-lasting memories, and heal himself. Devin loves cheesecake, The Office, anything from the Reformation, and Duke Athletics!