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Matthew (Matty) Malin was born in a Pastor’s home. He was introduced to the Bible, and to Jesus at an early age and trusted in the saving work of Christ on the cross when he was nine years old. Growing up in a pastor’s home was difficult at times. Matty attended three different high schools
during his four-year high school tenure. He also struggled with finding his identity in Christ because of the felt pressure to measure up as a pastor’s child. Due to this, Matty did not come to a full understanding of what it meant to have a relationship with Christ until he was seventeen.

Upon graduating high school, he attended Word of Life Bible Institute for six months, Hillsborough Community College for a year and a half, and then graduated from Piedmont International University in 2016. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Bible with a minor in North American Church Planting. His desire is to see individuals find hope through Jesus, start a family, and one day attain his Master’s degree in Psychology. 

His desire to begin Confessions grew out of his personal struggles with depression and anxiety. He has suffered with depression and anxiety for almost five years now and has, at times, suffered from suicidal thoughts. He understands, though, that God is  loving, faithful, and sovereign through it all. 

Matty is 24 years old, a musician, and a movie fanatic. He loves theme parks, soccer, football, baseball, and writing. 

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