Confessions of the Broken, from the Broken, and for the Broken

My name is Matthew Malin and I have struggled, still struggle, and will more than likely continue to struggle with anxiety, fear, and depression.

For many years I have greatly been lost in the sea of my sadness, loneliness, and sometimes utter despair. I have often wondered through these years if there was truly anyone who understood what I was going through. If they did why were they being so quiet? Why wouldn’t anyone speak up and speak out for those drowning in tears?

Depression hurts, it cripples, and it debilitates a human soul. No amount of consoling words nor loving motivation can stir the soul to un-feel what it already feels. There is nothing a person can do or say that would ever shake the heart from it’s downcast state. In all honesty these kind of medicines, though loving in intention, only serve to drive someone deeper into despair.

Having been through the fires of depression I came to realize that my epidemic was nothing short of trivial. I quickly came to realize that there are so many more people suffering far greater than I ever could have imagined. There are people looking for an understanding ear. There are people who are tired of voices muttering the same cliches time and time again. These people desperately crave hope.

Where is hope found when one is lost in the forever cave of their emotions?

The entire point of this blog is to be a ministry to those who may be going through the same things I am. With that said I want to be an understanding ear, an encouraging soul for those lost at sea. I will not pretend to have all the answers and I promise to speak only out of experience. I fully believe that God is the ultimate remedy for such a disease as depression and I will rightly use Him as my guide but I promise to not force it down your throat…I want to be an encouragement not a dictator.

My hope is that each week I will post a blog on a certain sub-topic of depression, past experience, or misconception on depression, anxiety, and suicide. While that is the a goal my main goal is to hopefully see some escape the chains of their despair, to emerge from the darkness into the light, or for others who do not struggle with this disease to be well informed. Be it through comments, contacting me personally, or by any other means I am here for you. I will listen, I will understand, and I hope that is an encouragement.

For now I will link a previous blog post to you to serve as my testimony and a brief introduction until I post the first official post up on the site.

I pray that if you happen upon this blog that you will be blessed, full of hope, and full of the knowledge that you truly are not alone. These are the confessions of the broken, from the broken, and for the broken.

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