I am a Prisoner of Chains

I am a prisoner of this hatred

The sun day is bound by the darkest night of my jail cell

Many a season have I spent withering here

and I have nothing to show for it

In fact, would it be decent to say that I have in fact lost because of you?

Would it be fair to admit that I have indeed buried my love in the grave of disdain?

Many times I have desired to escape this hellish living quarter

Many times I have tried;

You see, the door is wide open, beckoning me to freedom

but my wrath chains me to this bed;

My desire for you to see my torment binds me to this place

Unfortunately, you will never know the depth of my anguish

So what good is it to stay?

Why am I still here?

Freedom and joy are within my grasp

Why can’t I move?

I must leave…I must escape this place

I have loved you well but it is time for me to leave you behind

I cannot continue in the chains of yesterday

For today is calling my name

I muster the strength and take my first step

Shackle after shackle; they fall to the ground

I was once a prisoner of hatred

But by forgiveness I have been set free

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