The Loneliest Generation (Thank You Social Media)

Do you have a Facebook?

An Instagram?




If you’re a “typical” socially connected American you will have answered yes to one of these, if not all. The simple truth of the matter is that we are now the most technologically advanced and connected culture to ever walk this Earth. It is within the opinion of the author that we are also the loneliest.

Ironic isn’t it? Social media connects people from one end of the world to the other, re-establishes relationships that otherwise would have been dead, and gives special insight to our everyday lives. Another selling point is the uncanny ability to contact someone at a moment’s notice. Sounds great doesn’t it? Sounds like a novel idea, right?

So, where did we go wrong?

In our narcissistic world this connectable culture has turned into a personal marketing scheme. Statuses, selfies, and satirical sticky posts dominate our minds and motivations. We base our happiness on how many “likes” or “retweets” we get in a single day. God forbid that someone “sees” our direct message and doesn’t immediately respond.

You see, what had happened was….All joking aside we’ve literally created a culture that emanates selfishness and promotes self awareness. While doing so we’ve fostered a community that doesn’t communicate outside of the blogging sphere. My professor (Shean Phillips) famously said “We’ve birthed a generation that doesn’t know how to speak with their mouths.”

Nowadays, any face-to-face contact starts with an awkward “hello” and typically ends with a resounding sigh of relief. We simply just don’t know how to handle real life relationships. Sad isn’t it?

The following is an opinion but it comes from experience. The social media sphere only serves to further deepen the effects of depression. As irrational as it may seem, a lack of likes on a status resonates in our mind as “No one cares”. A lack of attention on any post we make will make us believe the lie that we simply are not important.

Now, this argument is two fold. Im not excusing our faulty thinking by saying it’s all your fault. We have a responsibility to attack our depression head on by fighting our thoughts. On the opposite end Im attacking our society for a lack of relationship in the real world. It is an uphill battle for the depressed and non to establish and maintain real relationships with real people. It’s so unbelievably easy to hide behind a computer screen, put on a mask, and live the dream life you’ve always wanted…It’s at the tip of your fingers. What’s hard is being the same person in reality that you are on the inter web.

My heavy handedness stems from a hatred of the idea that we currently live in. But my hopefulness stems from the restlessness I see growing within my generation. It is a hope that is fueled by dissatisfaction with the current status quo. It is fueled by the fire that is growing within our soul to see real relationships once again take hold of our country.

Change is coming.

It starts with you.

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