This Photograph

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Have you ever stopped for a moment to wonder at the value of a picture? To put your entire world on hold but for a moment to glimpse into a sliver of time that was captured for forever?

I like to think of myself as a man of nostalgia. Looking into the past is, ironically, a pastime of mine. I like to reminisce on moments of my life that have gone by whether good or bad. I honestly believe that it’s a blessing and a curse (only for times when I can’t get my brain off of the difficult things). Being the person I am, I have many pictures strewn about my dorm room. Each of them are different (obviously) and each of them contain a moment in time that I look back on and smile.

Would you like to know what they all have in common?

Every picture (but one) has at least one member of my family in it. My family and I have been through many a trial (as a lot of others have as well) but these pictures signify something greater for me. They signify commitment, love, and hope. When I look at these pictures I see God’s hand in every step of my life through each of these beautiful souls. I see memories connected by love that no storm can break and I see hope for a brighter tomorrow.

I recently spent twelve days in Florida with my family (mom, dad, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncle, cousins *shoutout to Bailey*) and I collected a few more pictures of our adventures. Obviously I look at these and smile because they were good times but my cousin (Hi Bailey) pointed something out to me. She said this…

I look at these pictures of us and I see all of us smiling…I don’t smile…at all. But we’re not just half-smiling..Im actually happy. For the first time in a long time I’m fully smiling because Im happy.

You see, pictures are worth so much more than words. They’re worth a lifetime of memories. They’re worth looking back on and remembering that no matter how hard the road was (or is) we had each other. And in that moment that was all that we ever needed.

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