The Intricacies of the International Highways (Among Other Things)

It seems that having awoken at five am everyday for the past month has created a new internal alarm clock for me. With my recent decision to step away from said job I had the day off today but apparently my body didn’t believe me when I said “sleep in”. I promptly awoke at 7:50 this morning and couldn’t return to sleep. Believe me, I tried. So, 8:30 rolls around and I finally find the energy to meander my way out of bed. Much to my dismay, I had things to do today.

My day consisted of devotions, a blog post, shower, bill payments, and a five hour drive to my parent’s house. Honestly, I like traveling but for some reason today was almost unbearable. There simply is nothing entertaining about accelerating and braking every two seconds due to the mass amount of vehicles crowding a two lane highway. I’m just the type of person that loathes large amounts of traffic. I like to see an empty road ahead of me so today wasn’t really my day for driving. But! Country music was the company I kept and it served me well. Did I mention my chest has been tight all day? Yeah, traffic doesn’t help.

I honestly just wanted to be out of the car and with my family. I’m sure you can imagine my delight upon pulling into the driveway to find my father doing manly things. The nature of a man is to find something broken, seek out a way to fix it, and do so. Even if said thing never truly gets fixed, it’s fun to pretend like you’re doing something productive for the overall benefit of manhood. Take that uselessness.

I just have to say that it was nice to have my mother’s cooking again! Though I found that I’m still far thirstier than hungry. Dehydrated much? Probably.

It’s been a great week for movies! Jurassic World revitalized a struggling box office market and Inside Out was officially released today! I found myself with the initial inclination to see Inside Out but later on thought that I wouldn’t spend the money on it. Well, tonight my parents took my two younger siblings (3 and 2) to see the movie and I tagged along!

Would it be shameful for me to say that it had me in tears on multiple occasions? No? Good. 

Go see this movie! Even if you don’t have children, I guarantee you will feel the emotions portrayed on the screen as if the actual characters were in your head punching buttons. That would explain a lot about the inner processes of my mind. #voices

I absolutely need to go to sleep. Tomorrow, my father and I are venturing in to the steel jungle of Hotlanta to embrace the wiles of Six Flags! It’s going to be a day full of testosterone and roller coasters. My soul is ready.


3 Replies to “The Intricacies of the International Highways (Among Other Things)”

    1. You’ll absolutely love it! When you see it let me know because I want to discuss some of the movie’s emotional implications. (Sounds weird but just trust me lol) I did too!! That one was a rough one to get through haha

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