I Scream, You Scream, Everyone Looks at Us Weird (A Day at Six Flags)

Saturday June 20th was a day well spent.

The day began with my internal alarm clock telling me there was another day to be lived. Except this day would be lived strapped into a potential death machine being inverted time and time again. I casually rolled out of my soft bed and into the shower. What a lovely way to start the day…Warm water rolling down…..wait…why am I telling you this?

Needless to say, mi padre and I set out on the hour long trek into Austell, Georgia to Six Flags! I’ve been there once before (7-8 years ago) and the only thing I can remember about it was an absolutely splitting migraine I received on the back end of a rickety roller coaster. My father, on the other hand, has never been able to venture beyond its gates so there was a hint of new-ness and retribution about the day. I had my Tylenol (Extra strength) and I was ready to roller coast my way through the day.

        Pretty, isn’t it?
      Georgia Scorcher
         Daredevil Dive

Our day started with a stand-up roller coaster named, “Georgia Scorcher”. Honestly, it wasn’t a large or tall coaster but it certainly packed a punch. Let’s just (for the sake of being short) say that standing up and G-forces don’t mix very well. I’m pretty sure I involuntarily pulled a muscle in my right calf because of this thing. Do you see the picture to the left? Daredevil dive? Incredibly compact, super steep, and now has a new cell phone to add to its collection. My dad’s phone took the plunge with us except it didn’t stay there. #RIP

From there we bounced our way over to Goliath, an air time machine standing tall at about 200 feet. The only thing holding you in was a mere lap bar which I thought was awesome but my dad wasn’t as entertained. Do you remember when I mentioned that I brought Tylenol with me? Yeah, you see there’s this thing that happens to me when I go on intense roller coasters. It’s called blacking out. There’s also something else that happens while on these intense machines. My body gets thrown around like a rag doll. After our trip around the park I realized that Tylenol was going to be a dear friend to me (I gladly took some an hour or so later).

Two words: Panda Express. 


I’ve never experienced the thrill of laying down on a roller coaster. The novelty of such rides is that you are sitting down, strapped in, and ready to roll. Then, that novelty slowly wore out and people wanted bigger, louder…more teeth. So, the creators of innovating rides decided to create what we call the “flying coaster”. Basically the idea is such: Instead of sitting upright you are now facing the ground and the only thing holding you from death is yet again a simple restraint. My dad once again was not a fan. Myself? Absolutely loved it.

Wooden coasters are torture. Absolute torture. ‘Nuff said. 


The rest of our day consisted of rain, heat, and Batman (Yeah, they have a Batman ride..Woo!). I wanted to write about our day but I also wanted to talk a little about my dad. With tomorrow being Father’s Day (and today celebrating such an event) I have to say that I could never have asked for a better best friend. I say that a lot but I always mean it. He and my family have been through so much throughout our lives. Despite the myriad of difficulty the one thing I’ve consistently seen from him and my mother is this: Love. I don’t just mean the word love in and of itself. I mean the action. They’ve stood together for 23 years and have never once quit on each other nor myself or my siblings. My father has lead our family and pointed us toward the Lord in every step of our lives. He has been and is a man of God unwilling to relent on his beliefs, morals, and family. He is a man that I hope to become. He is my best friend, my father, and I am unbelievably blessed.

So, my friends today has been a day well spent. Not just because of the coasters or the fun but because of the company I’ve had. Life isn’t about the end goal, it’s the journey you take and the people who walk with you. People may come and stay for a while only to take another path but sometimes God blesses us with those whose paths aren’t too far from our own.

Happy Father’s Day Dad. You’re the real MVP.

This was right before he smiled…I promise he was happy.

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