Running Sucks (Why I Use the Buddy System)

Running is an exhausting expenditure wherewith the human suffers to reach a greater benefit.

Isn’t that true (Say yes because I made that up)? When a person goes running, typically their mindset is to get in shape and lose some pesky weight. Am I right? It’s honestly a great motivation but the work it takes to reach the goal hardly ever seems worth it. Short of breath, pain shooting through the entirety of your legs, your heart racing out of control…Basically it feels like death is creeping upon you. All of that for weight loss?


With that said, isn’t life a lot like running a marathon (a seemingly 75-80 year marathon nonetheless)? Our birth is the starting line and from the gunshot we race towards walking, words, school, marriage, and success in life. We’re pretty much running this race until death. But you see, this isn’t any typical one mile race. It isn’t a flat, circular track that promises an end in sight. No, this race is cross country. It’s through hills, valleys, mountains, oceans, and deserts. This race is all or nothing…The extreme wherewithal that will test you to your core and define you as a human being. What you do on this course is what makes you who you are.

Do you remember what I was saying about the pain and exhaustion of running? Yeah, it’s just as bad on this course if not worse. Time and time again we fall…We make mistakes…We miscalculate our trajectory and hit a speed bump…We eat dirt.

And that’s hard…It’s humbling. Sometimes other runners push us over without a care in the world and we’re left to fend for ourselves…To nurse our wounds alone. Who would sign up for this? Who wants to run this kind of course alone? Through fire, blood, sweat, and tears we run but only because our birth mandated us to do so. We have no choice.

It’s sincerely depressing to think about…But apart from myself I have no hope. I’m right to view this course as impossible. It’s a stunt that only God himself could pull off…Which brings me to my next point…

What if you had a running buddy? Someone to push you forward, someone to pick you up when you fall, and someone to help you heal? You see, I have a running buddy whose name is Jesus and I have done nothing to deserve Him.

If Grace is an Ocean…

His grace, mercy, and compassion towards me as a sinner lends his hand to forgiveness and love. He accepts me for who I am, cleans my wounds, but pushes me forward and challenges me to be more like Him. As cheesy as this may sound, Jesus is my perfect running partner. He is the ultimate goal in friendship. His grace and forgiveness offers me a hand to cling on to when I fall. When I make a mistake (which I am so prone to do) He is the first (and sometimes the only) one there to pick me up, brush me off, tell me I can do better, and push me forward. His Grace carries me.

I am not a perfect man by any standards and this race is hard. I’m tired of my anxiety. I’m tired of failing other people. I’m tired of failing God. In my world (and hopefully yours) grace is the substance that keeps me going despite all of these things. In my world (and once again, hopefully yours) His love and challenging word is what fuels me to keep going even when I am hurt, out of breath, and needing a twenty year nap.

He is enough and He can be enough for you too. We cannot do this race alone…This course wasn’t made with independency in mind. We need each other but most importantly we need God. Even as I speak I’m in the process of removing the dirt from my face but thanking God for those who are willing to point it out…I don’t know about you but I have some pretty scuffed up knees, torn up elbows, and some nasty scars all over me; But God has washed me of my past, cleansed me of my sin, and given me a hand to get back up again…

So I simply say this to you. We run because we have to but we don’t have to do it alone…

If His Grace is an Ocean…

We’re all sinking

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