Theatrical Lake Days (For Dayz)

Jet Skis are my new favorite thing.

Before yesterday you could call me a little…cautious. But then I rode a jet ski…alone…by myself….

Now I’m a man.

Not really, Im totally kidding but my goodness those things are fun! I had the chance to hang out with some extended family of mine this weekend at their lake house in Virginia (hence why I haven’t posted very much lately). So I drove up on Friday evening and came back early this afternoon. Their daughter starred in a local play (you did great kiddo!) and so I got a chance to see that last night as well. The Lion King was my favorite kids movie growing up (still a great movie) and to see kids, teens, and young adults work hard to bring it to life was awesome! I definitely miss doing drama and theatre so it was nice to live vicariously for a little while. It’s been a wonderful weekend!

As I was driving home I realized just how amazingly blessed I am in life. For a very long time I’ve been feeling quite lonely and very down about some things in life. I was driving down the highway and came across a large intersection. It then hit me that I had family in all four directions of that interstate. Not but a month ago I was in Florida surrounded by family, last weekend I was with my mom and dad, and this weekend I was enjoying time with another part of my family who loves me just as much as anyone else. I thank God for everything He’s done in my life and for reminding me that I am abundantly blessed more than I could ever know.

Here’s to hoping you see God’s blessings in your life and if you’re in a rough spot, I pray you quickly find peace in your heart through Christ.

Here’s to another week!


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