An American Confession (On Christianity and Homosexuality)

Dear America,

My name is insignificant. My existence is small amidst your great shore for I am just a face in a sea of many souls. I have debated many a time within my heart as to whether or not I should write to you. Not because I had little to say but simply because of the very facts above. I am but one man and what I have to say has already been said…many…many times. With such reasoning placated in the confines of my heart and mind I write to you regardless. I do not believe I have anything new to say or anything profound. I only wish to see people understand, if only but a few.

It seems you are at war with yourself. White citizens are engaged against black citizens. Homosexuals and Christians seem to be pounding upon each other’s jugulars. This great nation has lost its ability to coincide. Above all it seems that our freedom of speech has been revoked and substituted by spineless opinion and violent hatred. I speak against all sides of this equation, including myself. There is no man or woman innocent of any of these things. We are all on equal playing ground before God.

To my fellow Christian Americans I urge you to put down your weapons. Was this not expected? Does the new marriage bill surprise you? Why, oh why, are we so hell bent on making an unbelieving world follow our rules? They will not act on our belief because it simply isn’t theirs. Stop expecting non-Christians to act like believing Christians. Instead why don’t we preach Jesus’ sacrifice and love on the cross for them? Why do we not teach forgiveness? We fill our pulpits with mindless preaching that pushes disdain rather than love.  I must simply declare that this is not war. We are not in a battle against other flesh and blood. We fight what is unseen. Need I remind you that you too are a sinner condemned to hell without God. If it were not for His grace and mercy you and I would be destined for a very dark and bitter place. Even as “Christians” we are still sinful. Romans 1 is an exemplary reference point for such a conversation as this. We are all liars, thieves, murderers, slanderers, and we have all perverted God’s truth for a lie. Every one of us has a wicked nature within himself and the only one able to save us from it is God himself. There is nothing you or I can do to save ourselves so put down your guard. I am not advocating for you to not stand up for what you believe in. I’m simply calling for a different approach. Jesus once stood before a sea of religious leaders and declared to them “You who is without sin cast the first stone.” Who were the leaders condemning? A prostitute. Then what happened? Jesus forgave the woman. Seems to me like our version of Jesus doesn’t quite match up with the Bible’s version. He is a refuge for all people no matter what we struggle with. He has open arms for every single one of us. Next time you pick up a stone to cast it at someone you deem “more sinful” than you cast it first at yourself. Preach the Gospel in love only because the Gospel is love.

To my fellow Americans who may not share the same belief as I (or my brothers and sisters), I will forthright come out and say that I do not support what you are advocating. I am not a pioneer for homosexuality and I am not ashamed of it. What I am ashamed of however is the lack of Jesus you see in our lives. Just because I do not agree with you does not mean I cannot love you. It does not mean that you and I cannot be friends. We all will be responsible for our choices before God one day and I am on equal playing field with you. My knowledge and love for God does not elevate me above you. My sin is what keeps me grounded. You and I are equal. In a sense I am an advocate for equal rights but not the kind that you speak of. My equal right is that of the mercy and grace of God. He has given us all an equal chance to turn from our sin and embrace Him despite the fact that we don’t deserve it. If you choose not to accept this there is nothing I can do. I only ask that you allow those of us who believe this to practice what we believe without condemnation.

Unfortunately we live in a country hell bent on seeking war with each other. It is no surprise to myself to see this happening. What I can only hope is that Christians will be exactly who God calls them to be and that the world around us will come to His life changing love. In the meanwhile I do not expect things to get better. I do not expect many to see this and have their lives changed. The only thing I can do is be the change I am advocating. I am not perfect and what I have said may very well anger some of you. Please know this is all in love and I only wish for God to be seen through it all. I will fight for what I believe in but I will never do so with an intent to harm.

Happy Birthday, America.


A sinner saved by God

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