The Wild Adventures of a Wandering Vagabond

The one thing I love the most about being an independent adult is the ability to make choices. At any moment I could decide to drive to a different state for a while and stay there. At any moment I could decide to buy a large tub of ice cream and eat it all by myself. At any moment I could buy an alligator for a pet. Will I do any of those things? Probably not due to health concerns, job safety, and overall lack of financial wiggle room. But it is nice to think about, isn’t it?

I once again spent the weekend at a lake! I traveled the perilous hour and a half journey to Virginia for a birthday party Saturday morning and came home last night! I originally only planned to stay for the day on Saturday but I got to thinking whilst sitting upon the beach chair. I thought to myself “Self, what’s the rush in getting back? You don’t have anywhere to be or any responsibilities beckoning your name. You’re 22 years old and single darnit! Do what you want!” So I did (That’s not exactly how it went down but hey, whose to say otherwise?).

I can now say that I have kayaked across a monstrous lake (45 minute constant row from one side to the other…and that’s the short side!), chased jet planes on a jet ski, and eaten at a restaurant on a lake. Something tells me that that is what life should always be. But alas, jobs and reality come careening around the corner before you know it. Needless to say I had a wonderful weekend hanging out with family and having the side benefit of feeling macho.

So, here I am back into the swing of things. Work, responsibility, and sermon prep! I get the opportunity to preach at a men’s shelter Thursday night! Life is moving…quickly.

I’m also coming to the realization that this could be the best summer I’ve ever had. I’ve visited 4 theme parks (the fifth coming this weekend), been all over the southern region of America, been able to spend wonderful time with the majority of my family, and I’ve tried to live life to the fullest capacity that I can. There’s something about sitting in a small piece of plastic amidst a large body of water with a singular goal in mind (Get to the other side and don’t die) that really makes you feel worth something. Amidst a lot of depression and mental abuse I’ve seen the bright side of life. This is the summer I’ve needed and it’s not over yet.

Here’s to many more adventures!


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