Confessions of a Brother: Part II

To my sister Megan,

Oh NayNay (is that how you spell it?)…My back seat ridin, road trip rider, hardcore gangsta of a sista. Do you remember the good times? Like when we wrote that rap on text messaging? Or when….well, I think that’s really the only hardcore thing that we have done. So, maybe we don’t have all of the qualifications to be hardcore but I think we’re pretty cool.


Growing up you were the quiet killer. You didn’t make much noise but when you spoke you made your demands heard. I don’t know if I can compare you to the Al Capone of the family but it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. You were (and sometimes still can be) just as vicious as Morgan. If there was anyone who was going to come to Morgan’s aid it was going to be you. You two were like a coalition of nations when you found the right cause to fight for. But, that’s ok. I’m not holding any grudges or anything……..

Our life on the road was seen from the farthest viewpoint back…That is, the backseat of the van. You and I never stood a chance when it came to trying to sit in the middle. Morgan and Marisa always pulled the “I get sick in the back card” and won the favorable vote. So, you and I were stuck to chill in the caboose. Honestly, looking back on it the experience wasn’t that bad. Sure, we would get into arguments, punch each other, and push some buttons (Usually me pushing buttons) but I look back on those times with positive thoughts. There were also tons of times that we were having so much fun that we annoyed the rest of the van. I simply say that our tactic was revenge on Morgan and Marisa for always sticking us in the rear. Maybe that wasn’t our plan at the time but my goodness, had we actually thought of that we would have been geniuses. Especially all of the times where I would have to “stretch” my legs and always end up with my foot in the face of a sleeping middle seat child (Muahaha). I believe that this was when our relationship as friends really took off. I mean, you didnt have much of a choice but still…A brother would like to wish. 🙂

One thing that I will always be impressed with is your ability to just go for something. I mean, my first time at Cedar Point I had to be bribed to go on a tiny wooden roller coaster. Your first time visiting you walked right on to a 300 footer without blinking an eye. Then to top that off you walked on to a 400 footer soon after that. I wish I could tell people that my first coaster sent me soaring around at 95 mph but I’m apparently a little gun shy.

Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to attend the same high school together (On a side note, maybe that was a good thing? Morgan and I always were mistaken for being in a relationship…*shudders*). At that age I really had no interest in much of what was going on in anyone’s life other than mine. Looking back I regret not being more involved with you and the girls. I’m sure I prayed for you on occasions but I wish I had done more. I’m sitting here amazed at how fast time has gone by and how much you have grown. You have a huge heart for people and I’ve seen that play out whether in the good or bad. You and Morgan both handled difficult situations very similarly. One thing I noticed is that when you would have your heart broken by people it would always take time to heal but you were quick to give another chance. Sure, mistrust played on a lot of your feelings towards those people but I envied (and still do) your ability to forgive and move on (Even Morgan and Marisa’s).

You’re now a fresh twenty year old woman looking for a way into this big, intimidating world. You’re seeking to be a nurse, but more than that, a nurse in the mission field of Africa. You’ve been to Haiti twice now and with each passing trip I see your heart become bigger and bigger for the people of this world. Especially those with less than you. I’ve seen Jesus do incredible things in your heart. I loved being able to lead worship with you for three years in Florida. You’ve always had a maturity about you when it comes to working for the Lord. Never give up hope. Always seek the Lord as you walk in His footsteps into the great unknown. When you happen to fail or misplace your foot just stand back and keep truckin’. God’s grace will cover you to the end.

I’m immensely proud of who you are and who you want to be. You’re currently in a relationship with a guy in the middle of the United States. Some people (including myself) think long distance relationships are practically impossible. You, on the other hand, are committed to making it work so long as the Lord allows. Keep pressing on Meggerz. No matter what, you will always have a family rooting for you.

I love you so much!!

Your Favorite Older Brother

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