Confessions of a Brother: Part III

To my sister Marisa,

Being the baby of the family certainly has its perks right? I mean, you don’t really get blamed for much. You’re able to pull the “family baby” card all the time. Most of all I think you’re the most innocent of all of us. I really don’t remember you getting into trouble a lot when we were younger? Maybe my memory is completely shot but I certainly think that you pulled off the angel act quite well. πŸ™‚

I will certainly have to say that you are the craziest of all three girls in the family. You’re positively outgoing in almost everything you do and you really don’t care if you make a fool of yourself in public. Some of the faces I’ve seen you make are downright hilarious and terrifying all at the same time. I’ve definitely come to appreciate your ability to show some swagger by getting down and dorky. πŸ˜‰ I mean I’ve honestly lost track of all of the times where you’ve danced wildly in public and not given a single care in the world whether people thought strangely of you. Some days (most days) I wish I could be like that. I honestly don’t know why I can’t but I guess I’m too tired to figure it out.

One thing that I have learned about you is that you have an incredibly thoughtful heart. If anyone in our family, whether mom or dad (or any of us), was to be doing something alone you always felt the need to be there with them. You hated the thought of someone you loved being alone and were always so mindful of other people’s feelings. It’s baffled my cold/calloused heart how selfless you can be. For instance, when I came to North Carolina you sent me off with about 50 hand-written letters (with pictures) for specific days and specific feelings. You wrote me a letter for when I was hungry, sad, stressed, lonely, happy, etc etc…All the while that you were preparing these things I had no idea. I still have these letters in my drawer and many of the pictures are strewn about on my walls in frames. The night I arrived here I read your first letter and cried for quite some time because of how much I missed everyone. Your letter comforted me and your thoughtfulness soothed some of the heartache I’ve been through. I can’t tell you much any of that means to me. Your thoughtfulness on display always pushed me to be more thoughtful and selfless towards other people. A lot of the times I didn’t want to be but I knew I had no excuse. In fact, looking back on it, all three of you girls have taught me something magnificent about life. Morgan taught me how to be strong, Megan taught me to be passionate about the things that I do, and you’ve taught me how to be selfless. I absolutely love having sisters that I can be close with and learn about life with. Now your heart is in Haiti and I’m amazed at the passion you have for these people. I often struggle with loving people and I’m often calloused towards them but I love seeing your commitment to the Haitian people. I’m so proud of you and everything you’re striving for in life.

Honestly, all four of us have shared many of the same memories. We’ve been together for so long that everything kind of runs together. One thing that stands out about you in my mind is the journey of producing my first EP on iTunes. As bad as that CD is, you were with me for the majority of the process. You even helped me record one of my favorite songs to sing. I love being able to look back on my journey over the past four years and see you playing a part in the telling of my story. You helped me bring my dream to life and I’m forever grateful. You even took time out of your day to help me take pictures downtown and record a video about the CD. Once again, helping me live out my dream. It also amazes me how music kind of runs through our family’s blood. All four of us siblings sing (Morgan you need to sing more often) and we’ve all taken part in each other’s lives in that area. We’ve sung in church together, produced a CD together, written meaningful songs together. This is a part of my life that makes me who I am and ultimately having had you there makes you a part of who I am as well.

Needless to say I love you and I am so incredibly proud of the beautiful young woman you have become. I hope that God continues to show himself to you through the good and the ugly. I pray that you will hold tight to Him as you seek His face through those with less than yourself. I pray that you would never give up on God and on people. Your heart is much too big to not be shared with others. Keep showing the love of Jesus to the world. You’re an inspiration to this beat up heart of mine.

I also want to say that I got your letter and I am certainly NOT shaving my face. You have to understand that this face without hair on it looks like a twelve year old boy. I can’t have people thinking I’m a two hundred pound tween. I’m not a tween…I’m a man…..I’M A MAN!


I love you so much!

Your Hairy Best Friend

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