Confessions of a Brother: Part IV

To my baby siblings Jon and Piper,

For the past week I’ve been spending some time simply trying to be grateful for my family. In doing so I’ve written a single blog about every single person in my immediate family. I hope that if you’ve read them you have seen just how immensely blessed I am and just how incredible these people are to me. In my journey as a blogger I never want to forget where I came from. These people have been my foundation in life and I would be amiss to forsake them. So, in my final family confession (for now) I want to speak to you about two newer, much younger siblings.

It’s always been a dream of my parent’s to adopt a baby from China. I remember many years going by where the conversation was brought up many times. Unfortunately, each year that passed we never had the means or ability to invest in such an expenditure. It turns out that something like this is incredibly difficult and expensive. One year our family met another family from Florida who were well into their adoption journey. They were in the process of bringing a Chinese girl into a forever family. Upon spending time with them the fire in my parent’s heart was rekindled and we set out on our adventure.

1383412_10152264111832622_354225908_nAmidst fundraising it was brought to our attention of a little boy in the local Lakeland area that was in need of a foster home. The lady responsible in asking us about him knew of our desire to adopt and thought that maybe we wouldn’t mind taking him in for a little while. His mother had abandoned him in her search for drugs and his grandparents couldn’t keep him. My parent’s ultimately decided to do so and that process began as well. Through all of this I was excited but curious as to how things would play out. We now had a one year old baby in the house and soon enough we would have yet another. Quickly though, my heart became deeply engrained into this little boy named Jon. Soon enough I would burn at the thought of ever having to give him back to his mother. It made me queasy to think that she would ever try and take him back into her poisoned world. Luckily (to make a very long story short) after many court dates, the rights were finally signed away from the mother and father. Within the next few months he was officially ours. Then, a few months after that my parents set out to China to bring home our new baby sister, Piper.


Within the span of a year our lives were entirely changed…For the better I might add. I have never experienced such love for any child. They have opened my eyes to the innocence of the world around their blinded eyes. Do their inner personalities reflect some of their short, troubled upbringing? Yes, they do. Sometimes these kids can be a huge pain in the butt to my parents and to us (Whenever we are around). But to me a kid will be a kid. There’s nothing more that I love than to see these two babies, who would’ve been raised in literal hell, laugh and play with a family who will never stop loving them. So, I know they are not reading this but here are my hopes and wishes for your future…

I pray that you never grow up. Seriously, stop growing. Jon, at the rate your expanding, you’ll be a massive football player by the time you hit ten. It seems like it was just yesterday I was able to hold you in my arms without having to strain. I love hearing your voices over the phone. I love being able to talk to you and watch you grow, even if I am a little ways away. I hope and pray that as you grow you will come to know the loving grace of God. I pray that He will be opening your eyes to His incredible mercy pouring out in to you. I pray that you never give up hope. I know there will come a day that you realize that you are not our blood. I wish that in this moment you realize that family is not always regulated by birth.I know that mom and dad would have loved to have had you themselves but life doesn’t always play by our rules. You may go through some difficult questioning one day. You may wonder why your original parents didn’t see fit to raise you themselves. These questions are ok but I want you to remember who did raise you. I want you to think of the ones who poured their life and love into you so that you could have a better life. I want you to see God’s marvelous hand in bringing you to us. You have changed our lives and I hope that we have changed yours. I hope that one day you will be able to help and love so many people who do not have the love of their own family. Your story will be precious to them and give them hope. So do not lose hope in your life. Find the Lord and press on for His glory. Love each other. Jon, appreciate that your baby sister follows you around all of the time. She looks up to you and that brings great responsibility and even greater joy. Piper, understand that your big brother needs some space every once in a while (You’re still incredibly adorable). I hope that no matter what happens in your life that you will see the love you have been given. We intensely love you and only hope the best for you. But still…11425237_10153377024517622_7811893731707297771_n

Don’t you ever grow up.

Your heart-struck older Bro…

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