The Day I Became The Riddler and Destroyed Batman

In recent days I have garnered a new nickname around my workplace/school. They simply call me The Riddler of Piedmont...Pretty epic isn’t it? Would you like to know why? Good!

Some of my job responsibilities require me to clean some of the buildings we have here on campus. One week I happened to be cleaning a building that was not my own. A friend was out of town and asked me to pick up the slack, in need of hours I obliged. So, naturally I got bored while cleaning and meandered up to one of my close friends/professor’s office and decorated his white board with a large quantity of the Joker’s graffiti. Why? Because he has a Batman symbol above his door and I felt that I could bring some fun to an otherwise boring evening. Needless to say he took the bait and was quite impressed with the original artwork.


Now, a week passes by and I am once again finding myself cleaning said building (had to do so the entire week this time instead of a day) and naturally I wander into his office. Obviously I didn’t want to re-hash an already used idea so this time I “misplaced” his Batman symbol and left a clue as to its whereabouts on his whiteboard. Thus, the Riddler was born.

11800236_10203737029501037_9088487888702752132_nNow, I never expected this to go where it has. It took him almost the entire day to find his batman symbol (I hid it under a few books in his office…boring I know..) and his search took him far and wide across the campus. The clue I gave him led him to believe that his object was on the other side of the campus when in all reality it was two feet to his left…Obviously hilarity ensued. At one point he was meandering his way through some of our bushes…Yeah, I don’t understand either.

Here’s the Riddle: “You won the first one Batz but I almost drove you MAD!!! Let’s up the ante just a tad. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words…This one has more than just your face and will be found where history takes its place!…JOKES ON YOU BATMAN”

The evening rolls around and he had finally located his precious batman symbol. Well, I was certainly not going to let him get away with it that easy! That night I took a picture of his wife and he, placed it in a new location, and left an even more baffling clue on his whiteboard! Dastardly deed done by the Riddler of Piedmont, aye? 😉

5 days passes and he still can’t find it.

No joke…Like, I even told him where it was and He couldn’t find it.

I had practically forgotten about my clue when I received a notification this morning on Facebook. Before I post this I want to explain that I placed his picture in an obvious location inside one of our oldest professor’s (he’s 86) office. Our precious professor is known for many antics but this one kicks the can…Here’s what he posted on my Facebook…

So… Mr. Matty Malin aka the Piedmont Riddler…Dr. Bowman leaves me a voicemail this morning thanking me for the picture of me and Jill that I left in his office for him…He said Lucille placed it right on their mantle by their daughter and son-in-law’s picture…you owe me two lunches now!

I happened to be reading said comment upon an AC unit outside and almost fell off dying in laughter. I mean, our oldest professor thought it was a gift and took it home with him!!


My friend/professor is not very happy with me and insists on me getting his picture back; of which I am in the process of doing (Please don’t kill me)! Until then I continue to bellow out a hearty laugh.

This has been the funniest few days I have ever experienced at Piedmont. But I must warn you to watch your backs and belongings…You never know when I may deem it necessary to riddle you! *evil grin+mischievous laughter ensues*

P.S. Reading that last sentence over again I realize that it makes very little sense…Oh well!

22 Replies to “The Day I Became The Riddler and Destroyed Batman”

    1. I’m very grateful you find this amusing! I’m still laughing about it (He hasn’t gotten his picture back yet). That’s a great idea! I find that those kinds of activities invigorate an office! I also LOVE superheroes! I’m pretty sure I’m batman but don’t tell anyone. 🙂

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