100 Posts Young (Time to Celebrate!)

I’m not sure if I should be as excited as I am but at this point it’s too late to care.

This, my friends, is my 100th blog post!


No? Not my birthday? Oh well.

Ladies and gentleman this milestone is special to me because of all of my recent writing projects none of them have come this far. Most of the time I simply forgot to write on a consistent basis and things just fell off of the proverbial desk. For this blog to have come as far as it has and to have all of you wonderful people reading on a consistent basis is a humbling thought. So, I want to show my deep and utter appreciation to every single one of you.

When I started Confessions seven months ago (two days ago was the official marker) I simply wanted a place to explore my love for writing. At the time I didn’t have much of a clue as to my style of writing but I knew that I wanted to do so. This year has been an up and down adventure and I’m so grateful to you all for sharing it with me. These stats I’m about to share with you are by no means a way for me to brag (Many of you have been much more successful). I want to share these with you because it stuns me at just how faithful God has been to this blog and just how amazing all of you are.

30 different countries reached

4,600+ views on to this blog

Just recently amassed 100 followers

Honestly, those numbers mean nothing without the people behind them (and even then it’s not much considering some of you have been doing this MUCH longer). I’m so eternally blessed by each and every single one of you reading these blogs. There are no amount of words that I can string together to measure just how grateful I am. Your support is my motivation. I hope that you are constantly blessed by what you read and that you leave my sight feeling the love of God from my words. As a way to celebrate I simply want to link some of my oldest blogs for you that have paved the road to what Confessions is today. Without further adieu!

The Life Giving Flow of Water (My very first Confession)

Dear Unknown Love, (My most viewed Confession)

Dearly Beloved, (My most passionate Confession)

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost (My favorite Confession)

Your Words Are Cheap (My most honest Confession on my Depression)

Those, as I said, are the posts that best describe what Confessions is and will always be about. This blog will forever strive to Bring to Light that Which is Hidden. My experiences are very much centered around my relationship with God and what He is doing in my life but I believe that we can all relate to life. All I have ever wanted to create is a place where people can come and not feel judged, torn, or broken. Whether it be by encouraging you with the Word of God, through funny stories, or solemn , honest posts about depression…My only goal (and I pray it never changes) is to reach the world with the love of Jesus and to be open and honest with my world. I’ve grown tired of fake…I want reality to seem real…I don’t want to have to worry about whether someone is being truthful or lying anymore. I believe that in order to see change I must be change. Therefore I promise to continue doing what I do. I know some of my posts are all over the place but in those I promise to always be honest.

With that said I want to create my own award (Can I do that? Awh, what the heck, why not?). This is simply called the Inspiration Appreciation Award. The only goal I have is to show appreciation to those who have inspired me along my seven month journey. The only rule is this…You don’t have to link to my blog (unless you feel like it) but all that I ask is that you choose five blogs to show appreciation to. Tell them why you have been inspired by them and encourage them in their own blogging journey! Here are my five appreciated inspirations…

1.) Strong Enough to Break: I am so grateful for you and your honest, hilarious viewpoint on life. I love reading about your adventures with your children, your husband, and your surroundings. I also love that you can be open and forthright about some of the more difficult things in life. I don’t remember where we first found each other’s blogs but I know that you have been a faithful reader/liker/commenter ever since. You are an inspiration to this blog and I hope it shows! Keep pushing forward in life and don’t let it weigh you down!

2.) By Lauren Hayley: I have only recently begun reading your blogs but it was your avid passion for all things mental health that caught my heart and eye. As someone who struggles with depression I take a lot of encouragement from your blog. I’m so inspired by your relentless stand for Mental Health Awareness. My heart is that people would know that this is a disease and that we are not the problem. Please, don’t ever step down. You are a voice for so many hopeless souls. Never stop speaking out.

3.) Plato’s Groove: You my friend, have an incredible taste for all things poetry. I read some of your posts and I am blown away by your mind and creativity. When I write poetry I love to go to a place that exists only in my mind. When I read your posts I feel like I enter that place, except it is in your own mind! Each person has a way of putting their life into words and you do so beautifully through prose and rhyme. Keep on making those beautiful songs and thank you so much for your support!

4.) Chronicles of a Kid Next Door: According to my stats page, you were my very first follower! You have journeyed along with me ever since day one and I cannot say thank you enough. I love reading your blog and how you can accurately speak about depression and God together. You are an inspiration and encouragement in my daily walk with the Lord. Continue writing and never give up hope!

5.) Eternal Treasures: Last but by no means last, this is my dad’s page. He doesn’t post very much but his writing and his heart are founded in God. He leads like no other man I have ever seen and his passion for people to know the real God of the Bible shines through every word he writes. Knowing that he may be reading this right now encourages my heart and reminds me of how blessed I am to have a father (and mother…Hi momma) that love and support me in the things I do. I love you guys!

There it is folks. My 100th post really isn’t about me. I’m sorry if it came off that way but I really wanted to shine the light on you. You all have been so instrumental in encouraging me and challenging my way of thinking. Believe it or not, you have taught me something and it is this: Honesty is key. With that said, I conclude this centennial post by saying…

The Confessions ship is only just setting away from the harbor. Here’s to 100 more!


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