Top Ten Confessions: Why I Would Make a Great President

I was in the process of brainstorming some ideas for writing prompts today and something hit me. Literally, I think something hit me…But that’s beside the point! I was thinking and then this idea hit me! What if once a week I did a Top Ten Confessions list on the events of life. So, from now into the unforeseeable future you can expect something like this from me once a week! To start us off, here’s my top ten on why I would make a great President of the United States of America.

10.) My first act as President would be to eliminate all government officials and replace them with Chimpanzees…Because what’s the difference?

9.) All Mondays would officially be declared free ice cream days!

8.) Valentines Day officially removed from existence (Do Presidents have that power?)

7.) Dat free college tho!

6.) All international disputes would be settled by having a calm and fair nerf gun war held at the location of the attacking Nation’s choice.


4.) My Vice Presidential Candidate would be an Eagle

Nothing screams America more than an Eagle.

3.) With that said, the official National name would be changed to read, “The United States of ‘Merica”

fb652fdbbacec5d4ed7e476e41ec1f272.) All aliens would be welcome on our soil!

I mean honestly, these poor aliens try so hard to get to America and we only want to kick them out! Guys, these things traveled millions of lightyears in space to try and live with us! I say legalize all aliens!

And the number one reason why I would make a great President is….

1.) My name is not Barrack Obama

There you have it folks! Check back weekly for more posts like this and daily for other Confessional tidbits about my life!ย Don’t forget to subscribe, leave a comment, and like the post! Also, vote Malin/Eagle 2016!


9 Replies to “Top Ten Confessions: Why I Would Make a Great President”

  1. #10 would immediately save the U.S. economy…paying chimps in bananas (made in the USA) and eliminating billions and billions of dollars in government pay and benefits! Brilliant! And I haven’t even touched on how much smarter our policies would be…๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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    1. Right?! This quite possibly one of the most profound ideas to come to mind. Plus chimps are a lot easier to control and handle…and hey, what better way to solve problems than to throw poop at each other?


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