Stranded: Part I

Ladies and gentleman, this is a story that I was working on for a while but inevitably stopped. Within recent days I have combed back over the material and have committed to finishing the entire Stranded series. There will be eight total “parts” and will be released every few days. I certainly hope you enjoy it as much as I have writing it!


The sound of the waves crashing on the beach echoed through the mind of Kellen Lasseter as he snapped out of unconsciousness. He could feel the sun beating down on his already burned skin and the salt from the ocean set his epidermis on fire. In any typical situation, a beach would be a welcome place to be but when  the seat of a plane was your last known location it could turn to be slightly unnerving. Kellen opened his eyes and immediately shielded himself from the blinding light trying to penetrate his retinas. As his sight came to, his hearing improved as well; but now the sound of the crashing waves wasn’t the only thing causing him worry. A low, steady hum filled the air and progressively got louder. Kellen finally adjusted to the light around him and opened his eyes to take in his surroundings. Tall, curved palm trees swayed with the breeze, the dark blue ocean moved ferociously with the current, and the birds circled above as if something had died…or was about to.

The hum had increased to a reasonable decibel level but Kellen still couldn’t locate the source of the noise. Amidst the steady whine, Kellen’s mind raced wild with thoughts on how he got to where he was. He tried to concentrate and put the pieces together but a loud crack filled the air and immediately put his mind back on the issue at hand. He stood up, brushed off the sand from his pants and immediately noticed he had a large gash on his right calf. He tried his best to ignore the pain but thankfully, the continual hum took his mind off of his current disposition. He climbed over a hill of sand and immediately located the source of the whine that was forcing itself into his eardrums. A mangled, torn, and burning piece of an airplane engine sat not but 50 yards from his position. As Kellen continued to look on, the engine whine dropped to a low stutter and he thought the issue had resolved itself. No sooner did the thought cross his mind that a flame shot from the engine and the force of the blast knocked Kellen off of his feet. The explosion not only deafened Kellen momentarily but set fire to the surrounding area.

The smoke billowed into the sky while the trees burned with a ferocity only seen in dreams. Obviously having no supplies or a way to put the fire out, Kellen gathered himself and ran the opposite direction of the burning engine.

After running for what seemed like miles, he stopped to catch his breath and take in (fully) his surroundings. He noticed that to the North was a lone mountain, to the East (where he came from) was a pillar of smoke where the entire area was covered in white sand, and to the West was a forest so thick, wide, and long that he couldn’t see past or through it. He sat for a moment and tried to regather his thoughts and remember what exactly put him in this place.

See Next Chapter: Stranded: Part II

5 Replies to “Stranded: Part I”

  1. Dude, I gotta say… This writing is great. Now maybe I’m late to the scene but your style of writing is captivating. I’m excited to see where the story goes, but so far I give a huge applause for the wiring style. Easy to read yet thoughtful, descriptive, and enticing. Love it

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