Top Ten Confessions: Why I Don’t Want to “School”

Welcome to yet another beautiful, majestic Friday evening. We’ve made it through the week my beautiful friends. Some of us are full of heart after a good week but I’m sure that others are barely breathing (This guy).

My senior year of college begins next tuesday *cue sarcastic applause*. With that, the arrival of all “fresh meat” went down today. So, there are many wide eyed and bushy tailed freshman meandering the premises. This inspired me for my newest Top Ten! Here is why I don’t want to “School”

10.) 7 a.m. Physical Survey of Whatever classes

Yes, I’m a senior but still having to take Survey of Physical Science. I loathe science and I’ve put it off by a measure of five years. Yes, I hate it that much. Unfortunately, in order to graduate it must be done. 3821389-8780030270-bro-d9.) Cafeteria Food

I credit my school’s food for the continuation of my horrible disease (IBS). I’m certainly grateful for a place to eat (for free..I think) but when every other day is “Leftover Medley” it gets a little old. I can’t even begin to describe to you some of the concoctions I’ve consumed. We have literally eaten Mashed Potatoes that have been dyed green……..He got fired.image-2

8.) All Things Freshman

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing a small school such as mine teeming with new life. What I don’t love is that this new life is obnoxiously loud. For all intents and purposes I’m an old man in college years. Please expect me to play that role to the utmost this year….36228cfc7f16b524edb75aac891c2935

7.) Financial AIDS

The literal disease of the college world is dealing with finances. I can never seem to find a way out of getting a loan. I mean I don’t have as much debt as most people (which I’m eternally grateful for) but every year is the same stress inducing battle. I need a cure to the Financial AIDS.b3f68afa7088cb5057f4d58d3b9b2c54

6.) People

This one just falls under the general category of things that I don’t want to deal with. The sheer amount of stupidity that reverberates off of the Earth’s walls are enough to make me question my sanity.STUPID-PEOPLE-STUPID-3okf15

5.) Small School Drama

We’re a school of about 160 (on campus). If you think you have any right to personal privacy I can guarantee you that someone’s mouth will assure you otherwise. Want to date someone but keep it quiet? Sorry, the janitor knew about your relationship long before your significant

4.) Budding Romance

Speaking of love…Something that happens on every campus (I’m sure) are the naturally pairing of couples. I’ve been apart of the equation on two occasions since arriving here and neither have gone well (I’m a little biased here). Needless to say, when I see an 18 year old boy and girl profess their love for each other on the second day of orientation I can’t help but throw up in my mouth a little. oh-so-you-got-a-new-boyfriend

3.) Long Nights, Longer Days

Schoolwork takes a lot of motivation and organization; everyone knows this. College is apparently on a completely different level of insanity. I can’t explain to you the horrific feelings of dread I experience on the first day of classes. Syllabi’s are of the devil.spongebob-rainbow-meme_thumb[3]

2.) Loss of Friendships

You would think that at a small college everyone is best of friends, to which there is some degree of certainty. It’s also unfortunate when you lose some of the closest friends you’ve ever had…Such is life.

The number one reason I don’t want to “School” this year is…

1.) Preparing for the Future

It’s my senior year. I also received confirmation today that I will indeed graduate in the Spring. With that comes thoughts of uncertainty, answering the famed question “What will you do next?”, and literally trying to figure out what you will do next. It’s a trying time but one full of excited nerves.

This is it folks.

I’ve come this far.

Despite my fears and lack of motivation I’m going to find a way to kick this year in the tail. I’m going out in style…Like it or not.

13 Replies to “Top Ten Confessions: Why I Don’t Want to “School””

      1. It was definitely too big for me! I went to a branch university my first year and I think it was maybe 1000-1200 students. I liked that size a lot, and the campus buildings were close together, smaller class size.

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  1. I believe I saw you go back for a second helping of today’s lunch! Hate it for your hall mates tonight but I know that this lunch was a delight due to parents being present. I have requested poptarts be an item that can be purchased. Let’s hope that happens! Science is fun! Love it or not it must be done and personally I think it is better than binary math for computers. Just sayin! Great post. Reminds me to buy more air freshener. Lol

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