Inanimate Objects are Talking to Me (HELP)

The rainy, disgusting fog of Monday has passed and has effectively revealed a rainy, disgusting fog that is Tuesday.

Literally, it’s been rainy and foggy here for three days. This isn’t helping my overall disposition towards involuntary sadness!


November is one of those months that ushers in a few new things as well as says goodbye to others. November is a month of facial hair (with the recent hipster craze this is becoming less apparent), college football, and Christmas carols…Wait…

Is something missing here?

What happened to Thanksgiving?



November is also a month that says goodbye to one of my favorite months. I absolutely adore October, especially around Winston. We have festivals, haunted houses, corn mazes, and it’s generally just beautiful here. It’s a stark reminder that Winter is indeed coming. Ugh.

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One thing November is good for is another chance to start over. Every month that comes and goes is another chance to start fresh and push towards what you’re working for. My personal goal is to revitalize my writing life; to be more faithful to the very thing I love doing. All that it takes is a little commitment! I chose to sign up for a writing challenge (As made evident in my blog post from last night: read here) and so in order to stay focused I found a prompt for the month! Today’s question is:

What did you think was the coolest job in the world when you were younger? Do you still feel that way now?

When I was a young warthoooooo…boy I always thought that it would be amazing to work for Universal Studios. I would literally sit around and design rides for them based on movie properties. It’s always been a massive dream to be able to geek out when I walk into work everyday. Like, how awesome would it be to work for a massive theme park? I wouldn’t want to work for the food or retail (too many people) but I would love to jump right to the top and take over the world! DOWN WITH DISNEY…


I actually do feel that way now even though it’s kind of out of reach. I don’t have the mental capabilities to be an engineer nor do I have the patience. I will always love the thought though. Maybe in another life…

I have to be at work in ten minutes.

I don’t want to go.

Alas, a future paycheck is calling my name.

Adios mis amigos!

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