Top Ten Confessions: Lessons from my Childhood

Today has been an incredibly long day.

I woke up this morning in Winston-Salem and am going to bed twenty minutes outside of Cincinnati. It’s truly amazing how just a few hours in a car can change the entire make up of your day. Like, I knew I would be here but it’s just weird to think about. I woke up in one place and now I’m in another. Almost as if the place I was in before never even existed?

What is happening with my mind…

This is where I’m at in my life, folks. Incredibly stressed but indelibly blessed.

Oh snap. It just got real.

I’ve been sent on a business trip to the Creation Museum here in Kentucky. Located outside of Cincinnati, it’s the largest museum dedicated to the matters of the Bible in America (I’m pretty sure that’s true but I could have just made it up). Anyways, they’re having a college expo tomorrow and Saturday so I’m here representing my school! I’m actually very, very excited but I just can’t express that right now; ‘cuz you know…exhaustion.

Today, despite it’s length, has been a pretty good day. I went to classes this morning, spent the early afternoon preparing for my trip and hanging out a little *ahem*, and then traveling for seven hours amidst one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve seen in a while.

No complaints here, people.

I also have some pretty grand plans for sight seeing this weekend. I know of the Cincinnati zoo but apparently Cincy is home to America’s second largest cemetery (Also a U.S. Historical Landmark). I’d love to be able to get out there and explore but I also have some plans to visit a few archaic catholic churches in the area. I love the architecture and the general solemnity that surrounds them. I’m also planning on just relaxing and taking some time away from school. I mean, yes, I’m working but in essence this was a good chance to get away from the madness and kind of escape. I needed it.

So, I missed yesterday’s quota of a blog post (Whatevs) but I’m back at it today with this prompt from Blogher:

What is the most important lesson you learned as a child, and who taught it to you?

Goodness. That’s quite a doozy of a question. With it I thought that I would kind of resurrect an old idea that was buried with the pressure of school! Here are my Top Ten Confessions of my Childhood

10.) Playing outside was just as boring as inside

I mean, I always found a way to peek through a window and watch Scooby Doo. We also lived in Florida so playing outside meant riding a bike through a lake of fire.

9.) If you hit someone (purposefully) in the face with a tetherball, odds are you’ll get punched.

I mean do I really need to explain? I was an angry fourth grader.

8.) If you didn’t skateboard or have long hair you were an outcast.

Back in my day (lolz), skateboarding and mop-head hair was all the rage. Seriously, our youth group consisted of a bunch of mops riding on skateboards. I tried to be like the cool kids but only ended up with scraped knees and no friends.

*Insert pathetic ‘Awh’ here*

7.) Teachers and Parents have a telepathic bond

I kid you not, I thought I was a smooth little brat. Had a bad day at school and end up with a bad star? “Oh, sorry teach, I left my agenda at home. Oh, sure I’ll give the note to my mom.”

Someway, somehow, the parents always found out. I blame mother’s intuition.

6.) The only “Race” that stood between my friends and I was the one around the block.

Seriously. There were no distinctions in our minds. Yeah, we knew we were different but who cared? We were friends, buddies, best pals. Nowadays you don’t go an hour without hearing about racial tension. Get a grip, people.

5.) Home life was always a WWE Three on One handicap match.

Let me explain: I have three sisters.

‘Nuff said.

4.) Girls, Girls, Girls

Folks, I’ve been chasin’ the ladies since I was in second grade. I almost failed third grade because I was awestruck. I chased girls around the parking lot of church every Wednesday night. I even had a little mafia of friends who would go interrogate the girls I liked to see if they liked me back.

Needless to say I’ve grown up a little. I stopped chasing girls around the parking lot. Apparently it’s…weird.


3.) Imagination is indeed everything

Without it a kid will suffocate. If imagination is removed from the picture then what makes a kid a kid? If he/she can’t dream then where in life do they have to go? Let the child dream. Let them imagine. Their ideas may be crazy now but at least they have some kind of goal for their life, right?

2.) I could have been a better brother

Now, granted I was in between the ages of 5-10 and didn’t really see the value in it. Now that I’ve grown up, dealt with depression, and have experienced life on my own I wish I could have done better. I tell this to everyone, if it weren’t for my family I would be dead. The grace of God kept me alive in the darkest days of my life through my dad, mom, and three sisters.

1.) I want to go back and do it all again

I look at pictures of us as kids and wish I could go back. It wasn’t always easy but it was a lot easier than life right now. No bills, no responsibility. The only choice you had to make in the day was whether that worm was going in your mouth or not (It never did).

There you have it my friends. I had a pretty fantastic childhood. Nowadays I’m mostly tired, anxious, and stressed but like I said above…

Incredibly blessed.

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