Hop on Board the Stress Train (Choo Choo)


If I had to come up with a better way to describe how ‘today’ went I’d probably just curl up and fall asleep. I woke up this morning and immediately realized I was on what I will effectively call, “Business Trip Hangover”.

I was in Kentucky from Thursday night until last night and effectively worked around 26 hours (on top of the 21 hours I had already completed Monday-Wednesday). I genuinely enjoyed the trip so don’t take this as complaining. It just all caught up to me today.

I woke up feeling like garbage. I had no energy to go to class (so I didn’t…Should have but didn’t), I called in sick to work (mhm, it was that bad), and I’ve been struggle bussin’ in general.

It’s not been horrible but rather one of those, “Really?” days. The whole meaning behind taking work off today was twofold.

1.) To rest and feel better.

2.) To actually get ahead with my homework.

Would you like to know which of those I accomplished?


I accomplished none of the things.

I tried. I genuinely tried. I started homework and I completed at least one weeks worth of class work. Would you like to know where my motivation faltered?

When I looked at all of my online classes syllabi.


It’s sincerely amazing how many papers, massive projects, quizzes, exams, discussion boards, and reading I have to do in 4 weeks. It’s so bad that I literally can’t even begin to think of where to start. I also started off one of my online classes by BOMBING THE HECK OUT OF A TEST.

21 out of 62 questions correct.






We had to read 80 pages of notes within a two week period and were expected to remember it all. With my insane work and class schedule, I gave up hope and succumbed to horrific nature of failure.


Anyone else ridin’ the stress train today? If so, for what reason? I just want to binge on Ice Cream but that takes time…Time that I do not have.

I’ve finished all of the homework I can for the day, or that I want to. Tomorrow is a new day, another chance, a bright sunshine-y day to do better!

Unless it rains again.


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