Top Ten Confessions:Pros and Cons of a Diet

Yes, you read that right. This blog post is going to be about dieting. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked! Here’s my reasoning…


Tomorrow starts my journey on the Whole 30 diet!

I took a look at their program last week and decided that I need to lose a little bit of fat, gain more muscle, and overall just cleanse my body from the garbage I put in it everyday. Basically, this program consists of 30 days of organic eating without dairy, sugar, or anything processed really….So, basically I can’t eat anything good the next month long.


With that comes the obligatory satirical post about said events. Here are my top ten pros and cons of dieting!



10.) Con: The Munchies are comin’

The reason I’m in this mess is because I love junk. I think we can all resonate with the inner part of us that just wants to eat everything in the fridge…and quite possibly the fridge too. Especially now that I can’t eat anything good.


9.) Pro: Discipline is a state of mind

This is definitely going to stretch my ability to be disciplinedchoose-not-to. I’m a determined kind of person but when it comes to food I’d rather have the satisfaction of good food than the
pleasantries of a toned body. This is sure to push me to new edges of my determination and strong will.

Not to mention there are certain people in my life
saying I won’t make it to the end. To them I say..

Watch me.

8.) Con: No Dairy

I’m a sucker for anything dairy. I absolutely love milk, image34cheese, and pretty much anything that has dairy in it. I kid you not, when it said “No Dairy”, a piece of me died inside. My inner fat kid loves Mac N’ Cheese…Lots and lots of Mac N’ Cheese…I don’t even know if I can even eat the Mac in that equation….*sobs*

7.) Pro: Healthier Lifestyle

Hopefully, after the intense amount of work I put into this I will be able to continue living like this beyond the 30 days. I think that’s where most people go wrong on this diet thing. They stretch it for a few days, endure the pain, and then go right back to the mess they came from. Really? What’s the point? You pretty much wasted your time.

6.) Con: The Cleansing Part

Right now my body is full of garbage. Thanksgiving was just

a few days ago and I have eaten nothing but fast food and
cafeteria food. Going organic is going to destroy me for a few days…Ugh…Unfortunately, I don’t need a colonoscopy…TMI? My bad….g8kdgh

5.) Pro: The Gym only makes me stronger

18c5227b924a0eed2ffaba4d1d2159ddIt would honestly be a waste if I went on a diet and didnt go
to the gym. The majority of my motivation is to lose the little bit of fat that I have and replace it with muscle. I just want to look     like Spongebob….

4.) Con: The Amount of Attention I have to pay to what I eat447d118515e70458e82683f2ddee4d30

This is the kicker with this diet. It’s so unbelievably intrinsic. I’m used to just walking in, grabbing what I want, and leaving. Now, I actually have to pay attention. The horror…….

3.) Pro: Being a better soccer player

One of the other main reasons I’m doing this is to help me get in shape for my last soccer season. I’ve been playing for two years now and have gotten significantly better but this is my last chance. I want to do well and in order to so I have to be in shape, ready to run, and have the determination not to quit. Here’s to my best soccer year yet!

2.) Con: No Cake on my Birthday…

Look, my birthday is in less than two weeks and it so happens that I forgot about that part when I decided to do this. So, for the first time in 23 years I will not have cake for my birthday….*Tears*


1.) Pro: Being able to Finish Something Worthwhile

Here’s my biggest goal: To finish. I want to be able to get to the end and say that I’m a better because of this thing that I did. Yeah, it’s just a diet but it represents something a little more in my mind: The ability to finish something worthwhile. I want to get to the end of this and not have any regrets, to be in the best shape of my life, and look as good as Spongebob on steroids.

But, this cat has a point…


Here’s to starting and finishing well! *Cheers*

6 Replies to “Top Ten Confessions:Pros and Cons of a Diet”

  1. You can do this, I hope you can manage to eat around the cafeteria food, that’s the tricky part but other than that you are golden. Your body is a temple after all, I respect you for going on a diet for those of us who are spiritually to weak to do so lol

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