I’ve Got a Weird, Sinking Feeling…

The Wiggles had it all wrong.



Yeah, that’s how I’ve chosen to start off this blog post and I will reiterate my previous point; The Wiggles had it all wrong.


If you don’t know anything about the Wiggles, I’ll do my best to educate you. Basically, four grown men dress up and make a kids show…You know, singing, talking to costumed characters, destroying their dignity with every passing breath…The usual. If this isn’t ringing a bell, here’s a picture…


Like, their smiles say paycheck but their eyes are screaming for respect.
Have I said enough?


Well, here’s why they’re wrong. They were notorious for coming up with silly kid songs and one of their more famous iterations was, “Fruit Salad”…Goes a little like this…Just click the link and come back to me when you’ve had enough.

The Wiggle’s “Fruit Salad”

After that skin crawling display of depression, here’s my point.


I’m on day 2 of my Whole 30 diet and my body is using any and all means to protest my decision. I’ve eaten nothing but plain salad, pickles, and a massive amount of fruit. This diet has excluded all of the beautiful things in life such as dairy, sugar, and dairy (added emphasis on the dairy part).

I can definitely feel the effect of the diet taking place in my stomach. Like, I’m starving and I just want to eat an entire Pumpkin Pie. Don’t misunderstand me, I can eat meats (and I had some beef today) but it depends on with what and how it was cooked. Basically meaning that I have to cook the food myself, which is fine. I can cook and at times I love doing so. I’ve just never been on a diet before and right now I’m dealing with food withdrawals.

So, the Wiggles were wrong. Fruit Salad is not yummy yummy (all the time). I love certain kinds of fruit but I can already tell you that I will never eat another grape after this diet is over.

In other news, my blog turns 11 months old tomorrow! YAY!


Meaning (if we can do math), that my one year anniversary with Confessions is right around the corner! I’ve already started looking into a few things I might be able to do to make it special. Any suggestions?

My other plan this month is to really focus in on the Christmas season. Finals are next week so you may not hear much from me until the 10th of December. After that I really want to zero in on Christmas and the many seasons people are going through in life during this beautiful, yet sometimes difficult month. I hope this excites you! I haven’t quit on this blog, just been far too busy with trying to graduate college.

If you’re new to the blog, welcome to the madness! Subscribe to Confessions, like this post, share it with your friends!

If you’ve been with me for any amount of time I am most grateful for you! Thanks for taking an interest in my life and my writing! Until next time,


6 Replies to “I’ve Got a Weird, Sinking Feeling…”

  1. hang in there. have you tried beef jerky? target sells some good ones that are nitrate free and yuummmmy!! i always feel like eating crunchy things help. maybe some veggie chips in hummus and almonds!! raw almonds can be very satisfying. you can do it mattie!!

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    1. Those are really good ideas!! I’ll definitely check out the beef jerky! I ate about half my weight in peanuts and almonds yesterday hahah at the gym now so I’m trying to occupy my mind. 😛 thank you for your support 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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