My Identity is not in Crisis

It’s incredibly hard to not define yourself by what people think and say. Especially being an outgoing, people pleasing, people person. It’s actually seemingly impossible. As the years have gone by I’ve learned more about who I am and what I’m worth but opinions still get to me.

Can I live-blog what I’m feeling right now? Is that a thing? People live-tweet events so I’m guessing that live-blogging can become an entity too. Here we go…

I’m initially feeling discouraged, upset, and irritated. Two reasons have sparked these emotions and those are people’s opinions and this headache that is growing at the base of my shoulders and neck. I’ve yet again come across an issue with people’s perception of me and a substantive view of my worth. I’m currently feeling those emotions but I’m going to decide to let logic flow through me…I’m going to try and remember something valuable…

My worth isn’t defined by your opinion

Harsh? No. Blunt? Yes. True? Incredibly.

My worth is defined by who God says I am. Currently, God says I am His Son. I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. I’m righteous in His eyes and He is making me whole. His opinion never changes and it is the only one that I can listen to.

It’s difficult believing the truth over a lie. At first glance you may think to yourself, “What?” Let it sink in for a moment though. When someone says  “You’re beautiful”, what’s your initial reaction? Of course it’s to think it’s not true! When someone says “You’re ugly”, what happens? We take it as biblical and base our entire identity around it.

It’s the same thing when someone tries to define your worth based off of foundation-less skepticism. They may know very little about you but their opinion, for whatever reason, dictates your entire world.

I’m trying to preach this to myself right now. My identity is in Christ. My value is in Christ. My hope is in Christ. I refuse to believe anything else.

I will not stop being me. I will not try to impress people. I am who I am and that’s not changing. God is gracious enough to make me into the man I should be but my core identity is what it is. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not.

Your identity is not defined by other men. You are exactly the way God made you. He loves you and wants to work through you. Trust in Him, trust in the Gospel, turn from your sin. I’ve done it and it makes all the difference.

My name is Matty Malin and my identity rests within who God says I am.



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