Random Ramblings

60 degree Christmas’ are the Christmas’ for me. I sincerely don’t understand the desire for a “White Christmas”. I mean, it’s pretty and all but I freezing is not my thing.

My Florida blood dictates that I maintain an overall body and external temperature of 350 degrees in order to feel “comfy”. Anything below that and I’d be a popsicle.

Not necessarily though. I much more prefer being chilly than anything else. I was kind of excited to come up to Michigan and be able to play in the snow with my baby siblings but apparently that’s not going to happen. 70 degrees in the middle of December doesn’t necessarily bode well in terms of snowfall. It has been raining quite a bit, though. One lady at church tonight put it well when said, “I’m dreaming of a wet Christmas”.

Indeed church lady, indeed.

So yes, I flew up to Michigan for the next few weeks to be with my family. I’ve needed a vacation since the end of my last vacation in May so I’m quite excited to be doing nothing.  I’ve needed to be doing “nothing” for a little while now but I just haven’t had the time.

My plan for the next two weeks is to spend time reading, digging in to the Bible, and getting ready for soccer season to start. The day after I fly back is the day my final season starts and I’m hoping to be better than I’ve been the last few years.

I’m kind of bouncing around a lot but I figured a mini-update on life could be a good thing. Helps me keep my life in order! My poor baby brother is sick and it’s been going around the house lately. Hopefully that clears up pretty soon!

I saw my grandfather and grandmother in Detroit for the first time in about 7 years yesterday. It was definitely good to see them but kind of strange too. The last time I saw them was my sophomore year of high school…Simply said, a lot of things have changed. We’re supposed to go back over there tomorrow for Christmas Eve and I’m glad to get the chance to visit some more. Unfortunately, their house is incredibly small and there are supposed to be a ton of people crowded there. I’m hoping the panic stays away and I can function. I’ll try and stay calm the best I can!


How are y’alls Christmas weeks going? Anything super special going on? Anyone just chilling? Let me know in the comments! Merry Christmas Eve!

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