Changing of the Times: 4 Goals for 2K16

Ladies and Gentleman,

Welcome to the new and improved Confessions.

As the new year rolls around and my one year anniversary approaches, I figured it was time to make grand improvements to the site. I’ve been busy working on the improvements all morning long and what you’re seeing is 75% of what I’m looking to do. I ran into a little issue with the domain/upgrade purchasing this morning and I was forced to cancel my purchase (for now).

I want to elevate this blog in 2016. I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions but if I had to have one it would be to see this blog boom. How will I do this? Will I make drastic changes? My answer to this is, “Not necessarily”.

I want to look back on 2015 and see the things that I did well, improve on the things that I didn’t do so well, and continue to establish my identity as a writer. Last year was an incredible challenge to me as I entered the world of writing and I wouldn’t dare think that this year would be an exception. I want to grow but I can’t do it alone.

I’ve received a lot of feedback about my blog over the last year; some of it good, some of it not so good. I’m blessed to have people close to me who continually remind me of the mindset that I should have. As challenging as that can be sometimes, these people are just as apt to encourage me in the things I may be doing well. You, my readers, are no different in my mind.

A lot of you have stuck with me for a long period of time and I have established meaningful relationships with you. This is exactly what I love about the blogosphere! It’s not just about writing but sharing life with an online family. Your stories and your hearts drive me. They inspire me. They push me to be a better person and better writer. I’m incredibly thankful for every single person that has followed, liked, and/or commented on my posts. You all have had a part in what this site has become and is becoming.

As I look forward I do have a few goals in mind. As I said above, I’m not a resolution kind of guy but I do have a vision. Here’s a piece of what I’m dreaming for Confessions:

  1. To continually, and more effectively, pour time and energy into the blogging community
    • I see this as an opportunity that is two-fold: Increased relationships and higher traffic flow. Let’s not kid ourselves, we all know that in order to increase traffic to your site you have to make yourself known. Some people  interact with other blogs only to increase traffic. To do this robs you of your chance for authenticity and for friendships. Come on people, don’t be fake. There are enough fake people running around in our world. Don’t be one of them on here. There is nothing wrong with a desire to increase your traffic flow but people will see through a half hearted attempt at gaining a follow. Be real with people. The rewards far surpass numerical value.
  2. To continue establishing my voice in (and outside of) the Mental Health community.
    • My own personal struggle with Depression fueled my decision to focus on honesty, transparency, and mental health awareness. Like I said up above, there are far too many fake people hiding behind the avenues of social media. It’s easy to live your real life but operate with a new, “better” identity on Facebook. Choosing this particular topic to write on has certainly brought some interesting feedback/opinions through my ear canals. Mostly though, it has brought a refreshing new wave of openness among my friends and family. I’m seeing that individuals are far more open to speak about their struggles if someone else opens the proverbial door. All that we need is a little awareness. It certainly makes a world of difference. I refuse to relent and I refuse to stop standing up for the voiceless.
  3. To advance my writing portfolio and skills.
    • I know that I am not the greatest writer in the world. I don’t believe that I ever will be either. That certainly doesn’t give me an excuse to remain stagnant though. When I say advance, I simply mean to grow and expound. I feel as though I thrive within the realm of brutal honesty; whether that be through storytelling, poetry, or just a simple “update post”. If a truth needs be told, odds are I’ll probably tell it. With that comes unique and individual challenges. I’m not the best at discerning when and how to say things. I recognize the need to tame this side of my personality and hope to become better at it through this coming year. Another realm of challenges lies within my worldview. I operate out of a biblically based perspective but sometimes I forget. Sometimes I forget the hope that I am sustained by. Within the realm of depression lies a great need for the reminder of hope. I believe that Christ gives that hope and that is a truth I will never compromise. My goal is to continually remind myself, and others, of the hope that the Gospel gives.
  4. To double my audience by the end of 2016
    • This is more of a technical/numerical goal but one that I would love to see come to fruition. I believe in quality over quantity but I also believe that quantity represents what kind of quality you’re producing. I wish to see this blog’s reach expand to over 400 wordpress followers by the end of this year (I stand at 184) and double the amount of nations this blog has touched. The only way I can do this is by God’s grace, prayer, and your help by word of mouth. I need you! We need each other! Each of us has a voice and has something to say that someone needs to hear. Time to speak up and speak out!


Those are just a few of the ideas I have in mind for where I want to go in 2K16. I recognize that where I have come is not by my own doing. The Lord (whether you believe in Him or not) has graciously allowed me to write and watch this blog grow. I’m also indebted to each and every single one of my readers. I simply cannot say it enough: Thank you. I’m astounded by the friendliness and grace you all have shown through your interactions with me. I greatly look forward to this next year of writing.

Make it worth your time.

Write your story.

Be heard.

Let me know what you think of the new look, go digging through my archives, and give me a follow if you like what you see!

Happy New Year!


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