Locked inside

Held captive by this decrepit heart;

“Sell your soul” they lied

as if it’d be enough;

I find rest in these nightmares,

no one to hold;

I hear the lost’ desperate cries

my heart dies with the cold;

I need a fix to calm this edge

Voices speak in unknown tongue;

The only thing I hear is..

“Run, run run”;

Lo, a savior calls to me in the night

My demons scatter;

I lift my heavy eyes

I believed this voice mattered;

“Save me, please”

My shattered voice screamed;

He spoke not a word,

I thought this was a dream;

His eyes were soft,

His hands warm;

He picked me up

and carried me home;

The sun shines brighter here

but the dark still comes;

When my demons speak,

I look to the cross and run.

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