Your New Year Resolutions Make Me Laugh…

Suffice it to say that it’s been a pretty darn good two days.

I came back home on Sunday and since then it’s been nothing but good news. Yesterday I asked Makayla’s dad for permission to officially date her. Read all about it in my Asking Her Father for Permission post. Hilarity ensues, believe me. Also, I received great news on the financial aid end of things today! God really provided for me and it’s looking to be a pretty smooth final semester of college….Onward we ride!

We’re only five days into the New Year and I’m pretty sure that most people are still doing pretty well on their resolutions. I know I’m doing great!

Simply because I didn’t set any.

I’ve learned that setting the bar low gives you room to surprise yourself on the off chance that you actually succeed your low expectation. It’s unbelievably fool proof. 🙂

In all seriousness, I want to address this mentality of “New Year, New me” that seems to be running rampant (especially through my generation). My friend Doc over at Behind the White Coat gave me some inspiration to think. Make sure you check out her page and all of the great things she says!

She inspired me to really dig deep into the fascination that we as people have with change. Every end of December/beginning of January, our social media pages are FULL of new convictions over re-hashed ideas.

“I wanna get healthy”

“I wanna stop smoking”

“I wanna be a better person”

“I wanna eat less twinkies”

Something to that effect.

Seriously. It’s the same crap year after year. Everyone hops on board the bandwagon of change yet it goes nowhere. Why? Because too many people got on board at the same time! We broke the bandwagon, people!


I mean, c’mon. Gyms, for instance, are the busiest of the businesses during January and February. These places are chock full of folks mashin’ out the reps, joggin’ the miles, and sweating’ off those calories. It’s a great sight to see (Funny at times too) but what happens after February?


Why? Well, there are a myriad of reasons why. Real life gets in the way. People become too busy and they lose sight of their priorities for other priorities. Not an awful excuse because we all know that life happens sometimes.

My personal favorite is watching people give up because they realize that real change is real hard. Go figure that it actually takes hard work to accomplish things that are worthwhile. I’ve always said that the harder something is to gain, the more valuable it will be in the end. Somehow my generation doesn’t understand that concept.

I hate the word “Millennial”. I hate its connotation and I loathe how people use it as an insult. Despite this I can’t help but feel as though having this word lunged at us “Millennials” is justified. We’ve grown up in a culture where most of life has been handed to us. We don’t want to accept that we have a sense of entitlement but we also don’t want to accept responsibility for our actions. Where’s the rub? We want change but we don’t want to work for it.

Maybe it’s my cynical personality. Maybe it’s the fact that everything within me hates being traditional for traditional’s sake. Maybe it’s maybeline. Either way, I’m fed up with resolutions; especially New Year’s.

Folks, let’s be real with ourselves.

If we’re not making a change today how will we ever expect to do it tomorrow?

It’s all excuses in my mind. We find reasons not to be a better parent today. We find other things to do instead of focusing on making ourselves a better husband/wife. We place blame on something other than ourselves just to escape the responsibility of having made a mistake. We are all threading a thin web between our genuine desire and a faltering facade.

There’s absolutely nothing special about New Years. My friend Lizzie at Anxious Ramblings of a Fragile Mind gave me that thought. What is it about a date on the calendar that sets our perennial urge for change in motion? The calendar is a man made entity and the day is nothing but an idea. Change doesn’t begin on the outside. It starts in your heart.

Cue the sappy background music.

Honestly, you can think and desire change all that you want but until your thought makes a connection with your heart it means nothing. You’ll sit around all day thinking that you should stop eating cheesecake but your other desire for pleasure will win out every time. It’s pointless if you don’t actually stick with it. Change is hard. It takes time, commitment, and a lot of energy. If you’re going to make a change, resolve to stick with that change when things get messy. Our natural tendency is to run from pain and struggle. I think the biggest change that we can make is learning to endure pain and struggling through hardship. I believe that that lesson is far more beneficial than losing a few pounds.

All in all, I’m not advocating that no change be made in your life. I believe in change. God calls us to change. The Gospel expects us to change. I’m all for it! What I can’t stand are these half empty promises to be something better followed by sorry excuses for why we gave up so quickly.

If you made resolutions this year I encourage you to sincerely follow through with them. Prove this pessimistic personality wrong. I want to see you do well. So do well. Endure the difficulty. It will be worth it in the end.

Get off of the resolution bandwagon. Stop mooching off of someone else’s hard work and get to building your own vehicle of change. When you’re done with it brush off your hands, shake the dirt off of your pants, and ride that sucker into the sunset.

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