A Ghost in these Woods

Somethin’s different

I feel it breathing down my neck

The trees loom ever closer 

They bury me with their roots

The evening sun is drowning

Somethin’ fast approaches

I feel it coursing through my veins

Painful reminders of what used to be

It clouds the present hope of tomorrow

I don’t want to feel like this

This forest of isolation is becoming crowded

I feel as though I’m about to be swallowed

Someone come walk this road with me

This pit is so lonely

I don’t want to be here anymore

The silence is deafening

I feel the ground slipping beneath my feet

The sun’s warmth escapes me, the winter sets in

My bones are frozen

I can’t afford to be like this

Can I be honest?

I know I’m ok

I have nothing to worry about or fear

Yet this creeping ghost keeps whispering in my ear

Saying “you’ll never feel hope….again”

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