Charlie Brown is my Spirit Animal

I’ve figured it all out.

I have the answer to every single one of my issues.

Wanna know what it is?

Would you like to know my most recent revelation?

Here it is…

Charlie Brown is my spirit animal.


Makayla and I went to see The Peanuts Movie this evening. Having missed it in its main theatrical release (and being sad about it), I was happy to see it arrive in our $2.50 theatre here in town (you know…poor college kid’s dream). What made it even better was the fact that it was $2 night (poor college kid’s heaven)! So, we went and took in the beauty that is Peanuts on the big screen.

We walked in to the movie theatre and to my surprise (I shouldn’t have been) we were the biggest kids there. Also, we laughed the loudest of all the midgets googling the wonders before them.

Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect. The trailers didn’t give away much (sometimes a good thing, sometimes bad). What I saw was classic, good-hearted, clean comedy. Not only was it a romp of hilarity but it was a well-received walk through my childhood. It brought me back to the simplicity of being a kid. At one point I leaned over and whispered to Makayla “Oh, to be a kid again”.

What really hit me deep was the message the movie gave. Without giving away any “spoilers” I’ll tell you this…The movie focuses on Charlie Brown; a boy who tries his best but always ends up falling on his back (literally). Throughout the movie he struggles with his proclivity for perfection all the while trying to impress a certain girl. Each attempt fails with a large degree of humor but in the end, despite his clumsiness, he finds acceptance.

I teared up at the end.

I don’t know what it is with movies such as this and Inside Out. They always seem to strike an emotional nerve that echoes within the hallways of regressed rejection. Their messages of love and acceptance shine a light on window sills that are covered in layers of dust. Their simple approach pushes me to reach deeper inside and dig up the caskets of joy buried underneath miles of dirt.

As a whole, my overall emotional state is in the best shape its been in in a while. It just so happened that a conversation I had brought up some unwanted introversion. Really, I think that my propensity to cry through these movies is based on knowing the hope I have now.

There was a time that I saw no hope, felt helpless, and lived lifeless. Each day was a burden full of regret. Every moment was full of darkness even though the sun was present. Miserable is a great word to describe it.

Not anymore.

Yes, I have my days. There are some times that I fall into the proverbial hole of thought and have to pull myself out before I go to deep. Sometimes circumstances or memories will push my heart to feel the pain that was so evidently there before. I’m not saying that everyday is a breeze nor am I saying that I don’t struggle. What I am saying is that Christ has filled every corner of my life with reminders of hope. He has opened my eyes to the acceptance and love my sad heart so desired. He has given me the power of forgiveness; forgiveness for the people who have hurt me and the forgiveness I needed for my own mistakes.

I guess my heart breaks nowadays because of joy. At the same time my heart breaks because of fear. It’s the fear that I might end up back in that wretched place again. In those moments I have to be reminded that God is faithful regardless of my circumstances.

He is faithful regardless of your circumstances too.

He loves you. He gives peace in the storm. His presence is a friend to weary and an encouragement to the broken. Do you trust Him? If you don’t, I’m sure there are a million reasons you can come up with to not. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t trust Him either. I struggle with it too. He’s still faithful though…Faithful to be with you through it all and teach you…Will you trust Him?

I’m very much a Charlie Brown. I screw a lot of things up. I do my best at most everything I do but sometimes it falls short. I try to impress the people around me but sometimes I’m the fool. I desire acceptance but sometimes I just feel like the ugly duckling. Despite all of this, just like good ‘ole Chuck, I find acceptance in the eyes of the ones who love me and God, himself.

I guess the last reason I cry over these movies is because I know that there are people who are hurting like I did. I wish I could help…I wish I could be the hope you need. I know that God is though. He loves you more than you know…Believe it because it’s true…I’ve experienced it before…


That’s why Charlie Brown is my spirit animal. He makes mistakes but he’s loved for who he is.

There’s my thought for the day. Leave a comment or something and let me know what’s going on in your heart.


Until next time…






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