Urgently Avoiding that Urgent Care Doctor (My Adventure with Anemia)

I spent the good majority of my Friday afternoon in the emergency room. Why?

Faulty equipment.


Friday morning I awoke with “eager” expectations of what my day would hold (not). I had to be at work at 8am and consequently rolled out of bed at 750. I was tired, unamused, and ready to go back to sleep and I hadn’t even been awake for 2 minutes. Had I known how the day was going to go I would have certainly crawled back into bed.


I went to work and started experiencing heart palpitations. Nothing new, honestly. I have them from time to time and so I didn’t think much of it. Until it started happening every ten minutes…and the subsequent feelings of fainting every time.

The day wore on and I started feeling worse. I knew that I may have needed to go to the doctor but I don’t have the money despite decent health insurance. I decided to stick it out. 3pm rolls around and it’s not going away…To make a long story shorter, I ended up in the urgent care.

I walked in, signed the papers, and found myself in the office with the Dr. They took the necessary EKG (found nothing) and then told me that they wanted to do blood work. I absolutely hate needles. Like, when I was a younger boy (no, not last week) I would scream bloody murder whenever the doc mentioned a shot. You would’ve thought I was being stabbed to death…It seemed like I was at least.


I was awaiting the nurses’ arrival when I heard the doc say to my nurse, “may the force be with you”. I wasn’t too sure on what the context of the conversation was but I can almost assume that he was talking about the shot. Either way…Didn’t sit too comfortably.



The nurse apparently took the Doc’s well wish as life or death advice…I saw her clean up my arm, heard her say “tiny pinch”, and then felt as if I had been knifed.

Yeah, thanks Yoda.


Anyways, blood work comes back and they tell me that my Hemoglobin is chilling nicely down at a 9.6

Average is between 13-17


They diagnosed anemia and then sent me off to the emergency room for further testing. Yeah, I was worried, nervous, and kinda scared. I didn’t (and don’t) have the money for ER testing and I don’t necessarily trust ER staff…

We waited 5 hours in the emergency room before finally being seen. That was the point where they took more blood and then sent us back to the waiting room. About 45 minutes later we find ourselves in a room and they took more blood yet again. Guess what we were told?

I was perfectly fine.


Apparently both of my blood work tests showed that my hemoglobin was a 15.9. I was told that everything that had happened to me was caused off of a faulty machine. All of these bills, all of these holes in my arm, came down to nothing.

Well, not completely nothing.

They told me I was far too stressed out and it was taking a toll on my body. They prescribed me anxiety medication and told me to take a vacation.

Anxiety meds.


It’s surreal to have an issue that was self prescribed actually be backed up by diagnosis. Regardless, I’m still hesitant about taking this Atarax. It’s under further investigation but I think I’m going to stick with the vacation prescription for now.


Anyways, I don’t feel any better today. It was supposed to be a relatively good day but circumstances altered wishes. My heart has been flipping out all day and it’s not getting any better. I’m only trying to relax and breath while trying to make some pretty hefty decisions. I’m needing to cut back on some pretty major things in my life but…I don’t know…I don’t really want to think about it right now.

In the meantime, I’ll be sending my emergency room bill to this urgent care office and making sure I never go there for help again.


Until next time…



6 Replies to “Urgently Avoiding that Urgent Care Doctor (My Adventure with Anemia)”

    1. I’m definitely going to be looking. I’ve needed a primary care doc for a while but I just haven’t been sick enough to go find one. :/ I definitely am thankful for your care and concern šŸ™‚ I’m feeling ok today but I haven’t gotten out of bed yet. We will see what the day holds :/

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  1. Oh no. I hope tomorrow is better for you. The physical effects anxiety can have are…well, “amazing” doesn’t seem to be the right word, but you know what I mean. If a little R&R don’t help, I hope you try the med! ((hugs))

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    1. Thank you, my friend! It’s been getting better but I’ve tried to not do anything today. Definitely going to have to take a step back and evaluate a few things. Hugs right back at you!


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