Dancing with the Stars

Now that I have found the light I am patient and ignorant,

Yet happily alive after all

I remember the days of darkness like an old friend

And I see the deprecation of who I once was

But then I see the light and I no longer envision who I was

But I see who I am

And I am filled with joy;


I look around to take in my surroundings

I see a beautiful countryside

A flowing river full of life

I see the trees around me blossoming with pink scents running afresh like a Spring morning;


The voice isn’t calling me anymore, rather, it is singing and rejoicing

The voice comes rolling over the hills in such a soft, melodic tune

 My heart overflows with laughter

I begin to sing a long with it


“The meadows are flying

and the waters are crying

how deep is the heart of the lover;

The song of the breathless

His mercy is depthless

How radiant is the grace of the father

I wash my hands clean

As I sing to the trees

And dance with the Stars”

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