It has been 4 years now that I have travelled this road;

Everywhere I turn I see signs of prosperity

But only see death and decay as results;

The voices are telling me to chase happiness

But I do not know what happiness is anymore;

The air has its hands wrapped around my neck,

The noose of false security quickly tightening,

I struggle and fight but only worsen my demise;

As the voices begin to scream

I hear a faint echo reach over the hills;

A soft, gentle calling

So familiar, so…calm;

I had heard this voice before but I could not remember,

The voice calls out and it knows me by name;

I begin to weep as the devil voices violently rage against me

The darkness holds me in;

I cry out in anguish for the voice to rescue me

I do not know if it heard me

But the darkness fled;

It left just as it had come


I was left laying on the ground crying

When the voice became clear and distinguishable;

Calling for me to rise,

Calling for me to sing,

Calling for me to come ,



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