I have sunk into the pit of despair

It is cold here


The voices call out through the silent air

I wish to drown them out


This dark and damp refuge is running with blood

It offers no reconciliation


This blood that runs, it is familiar

As if it were pouring from my own flesh

Save me

Is there someone who hears me?

I am fainting from the pain

Hear me

I am desperate to find my way out

Anything, everything, I’ll try it

Find me

Oh God this hell wreaks of perversion

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be


I’m so hungry for the light

I wish to be delivered from the waves


I feel as though the demons could swallow me

I’m screaming with all that I have


Oh God

They’re coming

I feel them

Oh God

They’re breathing on me

I am them

Oh God

Stop ignoring me

I want to be free

I need to be free

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