An Insomniac’s Weekend Chat

My friends, it has been quite the few days. My last post(s) came at the hands of a binary set of poems on Thursday! (Here’s Oh, Darling and Alone) I had every intention on publishing some new material over the weekend but unfortunately, as you have seen, that didn’t happen. That’s ok, though! It gives me the opportunity to write about it here. Gather your candles, light ’em up, and turn on a soft tune. Here’s an insomniac’s weekend chat.


If we were together and unable to sleep I’d tell you that my weekend was pretty much all over the place. I spent my Friday at work for a few hours and then relaxed in the evening to the sounds of Goosebumps and the liturgy of reading assignments (Fascinating, isn’t it?)



If we were still awake at such a late hour, I’d tell you that my Saturday was a lot more enthralling. I met my girlfriend’s extended family through a birthday party (Hi Stella!) and spent the evening romping around Charlotte. A few months ago, Mak and I decided to head down to Concord and test out the mall/putt-putt/go-karts. We checked the website and was assured that they would be open when we arrived. To our dismay, they had actually closed and forgot to update the website. Being the impromptu people that we are (ha), we made a night out of what we could.

This time though, this time would be different.

Instead of trusting a measly website, I took it to the next level. I called them! Shocker. I know. Who calls people anymore? Guess what?! They answered! Even more of a shocker! They assured me that they would indeed be open until 9pm. Ladies and gents, I put my faith in a fun park attendant and it did not disappoint. We traveled the hour and a half distance and I completely owned my girlfriend on the track and the putt putt course. Don’t let her tell you any different! She’s already tried to sway a few people and fortunately for them, they were not seduced by her persuasive powers.

Oh, and then we saw “The Boy”. I didn’t know what to expect, honestly. It took us about 15 minutes to decide on a movie (there’s really nothing worth watching in the theatre right now) and this is the one that we settled on. I wouldn’t say that it was bad. I also wouldn’t say it was great. The third act was solid but for the most part the movie tried to play two separate, difficult roles. Establishing an emotional hook for the story’s main character whilst upping the ante of creepy is a hard line to walk. “The Boy” succeeded on tossing a few surprises but all in all, failed at making me care about what happened to the main characters. I’d have to give it about a 60% on the Matty-Movie Scale.

Ooooh, maybe I could do a weekly movie review? Wouldn’t that be fun?

If you and I hadn’t fallen asleep by now, I’d also have to tell you that I’m ready for the Spring. It was 62 degrees here in Winston, not to mention sunny. My first taste of heavenly warmth reminded me of how much I hate the winter. Bad memories linger within the confines of the frozen rain and I prefer to feel the sun’s rays cooking my pale skin. I took a moment to sit on a bench and bask in the glory of what’s to come. It was refreshing; almost as if the Lord were reminding me to keep holding on. Sunlight is coming.

Before I nod off, I would also have to share with you some exciting things coming to the blog this week. On Monday night I’ll be asking an incredibly different question about Mental Health. Hopefully I’ll be able to shed some more light on the stigma surrounding mental illness by asking, “Does it even exist?” I’ve got another poem coming at you on Tuesday and a difficult, yet revealing throwback post heading your way on Thursday. It’s going to be an exciting week! I’m glad I get to be able to share my heart with all of you, my friends!

Well, what did you do this weekend? I’ve done enough talking. Leave a comment down below and let me know what you would tell me if you couldn’t sleep!



9 Replies to “An Insomniac’s Weekend Chat”

  1. The highlights…I mopped my floors, took a break from hibernating and spending my whole weekend cooped up at home by being social, which included: breakfast with a friend, a walk and visiting with My sister and my nieces & great nieces. Of course I didn’t do as much writing as I had planned. Oh and is it Friday yet???

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  2. The weekend at our house was spent trying to get the cat pee smell out of my MIL’s bedroom carpet. The carpet that hubby and I are STILL paying off. Yeah. Good times.

    So glad that yours was better than mine!!!! 🙂

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  3. Charlotte! You were just a stone’s throw away from me, then 😀

    My husband and I had a little date night on Friday (until we had to pick up BG because she puked…nonviral type this time at least). You know about the rest of my weekend. Before the knee thing, I had planned to take Little Man to Sports Connection to play games and do the jump house. Maybe next weekend!

    Hope you have a nice week!

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    1. Really?!?! My friend, if we’re that close, we definitely need to have one of these chats in person!
      Goodness gracious it seems like she pukes a lot hahaha. That sucks you guys had to deal with that but here’s to hoping your week and next weekend go a little smoother!! 🙂

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