The Distant Shore

I have come to the end of my life

I have walked this road for many, many years

Wandered far off the beaten path but gracefully lead back on

Looking back over the years of my prolonged life

I see the pain, the heartache, but I also see love and forgiveness

I have come to the end of the path

I sit here on the doorstep of death

Awaiting for the door to creak open

And be welcomed like a long, lost friend

The voice that had been calling me for all of my life was so near

So near I could clearly hear him

“Long I have called your name, and many times you have ignored me

But all the more I have loved you always

Welcome home my son”

Such sweet release pressed over my soul

All my life I longed for love and peace

And here, of all places, I have found it

I have crossed this ocean and have come to the distant shore

The road long travelled has paid off

I hear the door open

Brilliant light shining bright

And the voice called out one last time as I closed my eyes

“Welcome home my son, welcome home”

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