The Ocean Tamer

The skies, full of sun, suddenly grow dark

The waves around me, once peaceful, are now raging to life

My heart beat quickens as I know what is on the horizon;

The sky splits with the crack of thunder and lightning

The rain slowly begins to fall and the wind howls with intensifying ferocity

I am afraid;

I scurry about my small lifeboat searching for something to hang onto

I frantically pace each side unable to find a firm grasp

The waves are overtaking my shelter;

Up, down, up, down, tilting, careening

I feel as though I may be tossed into the sea of emotion at any time

The horrendous danger of what’s in the water frightens my soul more than the storm

I know that either way my soul is soon to perish;

The lightning flashes in front of my eyes

The thunder growls at me, beckoning me to face it like a man

The waves open their mouths as if to swallow me whole;

But then, in the midst of the chaos I see something in the gray distance

I cannot make out quite what it may be but it looks as though it is a man

He is moving in my direction;

I think to myself that I have certainly gone mad

There is no way a man can be walking on water, much less in this storm!

Surely, as the man draws near, my suspicions are confirmed…He is walking on the water;

I scream, not out of fear, but of need

I scream for his attention

I scream for help…but He disappeared from my sight;

It was at this moment that I was tossed from my boat

I was hurled into the pit of the sea

I struggled, swam, and gasped for air;

The storm would not relent nor allow me to breathe

I quickly lost all hope…I was sure of my death

I welcomed it;

But then, like a thief in the night, a hand reached down into my despair

It pulled me up out of my darkness, out of my death

And held me in its arms;

I quickly regained consciousness

 The hand that saved me belonged to the man on the water

He had not gone, He had not left me to die, He was there

And He saved me;

Not only did He save me but He calmed the storm

There was no more wind, no more rain

the ocean was still

This was no ordinary man;

He had the power to save

He had the power to pull me from my storm

And set me on the dry ground;

He is the Ocean Tamer

He is…


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