3 Ways I’ve Updated “Confessions” Today


I hate them…


They’re not Fridays…



I’m sorry Tuesday. I know that’s an incredibly high standard to place upon your shoulders but until you become Friday I’m afraid you’re going to have to deal with it.

Unfortunately, so am I. Despite having a bad case of Terrible Tuesdays (and Manically Depressing Mondays…so on and so forth) I set out to get some work done around the site. Last night I sat down and created a checklist of things that I needed to accomplish/clean up around Confessions. Would you like an idea of how long it grew to be? An entire page long…I was going to show you a picture but then I realized that I would be giving away all of my “trade secrets”. *Insert collective eye roll here* Tell you what! Why don’t I just inform you as to what’s been made new around the blog as well as give you an inside look as to what’s to come? Yeah? Great!

  1. I’ve done a little bit of general maintenance with my categories. As you can see above this post I have different categories of Confessions: “Of the Broken”, “Of Life”, and “Of the Soul”. I also have a “Stories” page that contains some of my short and long stories (Read Stranded: Parts I-VIII). I realized early on that these different categories were becoming a muddled mess due to the large amounts of posts that were accumulating. My solution was to condense a few of the categories and affectively rename my previous categories “Of the Heart” and “Of the Mind” to “Of Life”. Hopefully this helps you in searching through my content. If not, ask me about it and I’ll try to clear up any of your questions!
  2. In addition my above minuscule change I created something a little bit different within my “About Confessions” tab. I have an incredible desire to continue to see this blog grow. It’s been amazing being a part of this community for the past year and I have no plans on leaving. With that being said I would love to see Confessions expand to multiple authors. Whilst this thought perused through the inter webs of my mind I went ahead and expanded my “About me” section. Now you will find, under the HOME tab, two separate options. “About Confessions” gives you an overall explanation of what this blog serves to do. “Meet the Authors” is the tab that I hope will continue to grow in the future as it will serve as a place for my readers to meet the different authors and editors of the site. Go check out both areas as they are both full of new and updated information!
  3. All of my social media links/sites have been updated and now reflect the overall product brand of what we’re trying to produce. My twitter now belongs to “Confessions” while my Facebook and Instagram remain connected to my personal accounts. For now they will stay that way but I’m hoping that the future will prove to be bright when it comes to expanding and creating an all encompassing brand. We’ve also created an email for Confessions! All of this can be found underneath the Contact Us tab up above.

These are only a few of the changes I’ve begun to make and will hopefully continue to make in the near future. I hope that this was informative and allows you to navigate the site a little easier.


Do you have any questions? Comments? What do you think about the site? I’m always open to suggestions. Your voice matters here just as much as mine!

In the meantime, if you’re new to the blog I give you a hearty “Welcome to Confessions”! Feel free to use the subscription box at the top left of this post to follow all that happens here. I hope you enjoy what is being produced! If you’re a long time friend I say thank you for your continued readership and friendship.




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