‘Tis the Season…(I can’t breathe!)

‘Tis the season for pollination. Funny enough, that very line is rhythmically in time with “Deck the Halls” except now it’s more like “Decked in the face…with sinus pressure”. Fits perfectly doesn’t it?

If you can recall, my post A Little Anthrax for your Anxiety detailed my most recent trip to the doctor. My trip was due to an insane amount of pressure building up in my ears. I can almost guarantee you that one of my sworn enemies snuck into my room and shoved something down my ear hole. Either that or a spider found its way….nope, nevermind. I’m not even going to entertain that thought.

Needless to say the doctor didn’t find anything wrong with my ears. Other than having an irregular amount of wax buildup (I’ve dealt with it since a child so don’t give me that disgusted look) I was fine. Oh, sure thanks doc. Nothing’s wrong with me at all! It’s not like any spiders have begun laying eg…No no no no no no no.


They prescribed some off brand dramamine, a decongestant, and a nasal spray. All of these things cost more than my most recent school loan so I opted to stick with an off brand decongestant from Wal-Mart. You know, the kind that these people make?



A few days later the pressure was still pushing down on me, pushing down on me (you’re welcome…if you didn’t get the reference just google those words) and I was about to go insane. Sunday rolls around and it sounds like there’s a train constantly tootin’ its horn in my right ear. I was about to go to the doctor again when…

The pressure went away!

Yay, right?


That little choo choo train of insanity found it’s way down to my nose and the back of my throat. 635780630918004346-440148020_image


I mean, in a sense I can’t complain about this because I begged for Spring to come. Due to my naiveté, I completely forgot that Spring brings an infestation of this horrific yellow dust called pollen.

*Honestly though, Hollywood horror directors need to utilize this topic ASAP. Can you imagine it? An hour and a half long horror movie about this yellow cloud invading some poor, unsuspecting city? I’m sure it’d be better than most horror movies nowadays.*

It just started getting warm here in the Carolinas. It’s kind of been back and forth these last few weeks but this is the first time that we’re seeing sustained heat. I walked outside today and the pollen has already begun to coat the cars with its yellow shade of misery. I was also told today that the good lord himself, Al Roker, predicted that this year’s pollination would be of the worst we’ve seen.



It seems that my friends will have to acquaint themselves with my nasily, mucus-ey, voice. I’m buckling down for the long haul. This Spring is gonna kick my sinuses butt.

In other news…

If you read my most recent blog post (Sunday Confession: I’m not Ready for This…) you would know that I played my final college soccer game last night. I played goalie for the full forty minutes and guess what?!

We won.

It was an incredibly tense game. Our school showed up in mass (about 30 students which is alot for us) and even pulled the “I believe that we will win chant” from the USA soccer team’s run in the World Cup. Hype, my friends, it was hype.

We took the lead in the early going but quickly gave it up. From there until about halfway we were neck and neck. We would score and then they would come right back. At about the 20 minute mark the other team was up 7-4. Every game this season started this way. We’d take the lead, fight, but eventually give the other team the heavy lead. Not this time.

Within 30 seconds (this is indoor soccer, it moves fast) we had scored 3 goals to tie it up. We were in it.

I made a few mistakes in goal but ultimately I feel that I played my best. We all did. With about 7 minutes left in the game we were up by one. They were pushing hard and almost scored had it not been for my unusually long foot grabbing the ball. Time was clicking away. They would push, we would pull.





In the final two minutes we scored two more goals to settle the deal. I can’t describe to you the emotion behind it all. I walked off the soccer field, head held high and tears in my eyes. What a run and what a way to go out.

My heart is full and my nose is stuffy.

Team Picture! Love these guys.
My beautiful girlfriend and the sign she made me!
This is my bro-in-law and sister! I’m glad they were able to come!


18 Replies to “‘Tis the Season…(I can’t breathe!)”

  1. Get one of those microwaveable hot packs and put it on your forehead a few times a day. It’ll break up some of the sinus crud. I have pretty much year-round sinus issues, and that, Aleve D, and Flonase usually help (until the #%*# infection comes back a week later).

    Congrats on the game, man!

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    1. I remember those things! My mom used to have one and I always remembered how it smelled AWFUL when it got hot haha. Flonase is something that they’ve prescribed for me but I just can’t keep up with it lol Thank you so much!! 🙂

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  2. Ok, Matthew, you’re going to think I’m nuts, but everyone already knows I am, so whatevs.

    For the ears: try putting hydrogen peroxide in each ear for 10 minutes whenever they start to feel stopped up. If nothing else, this cleans out the wax and can help you prevent allergies from turning into a cold. I use a cotton ball (fill it up, squeeze it in) and then a Kleenex to drain.

    Next: allergies are a result of an imbalance in the liver and gut area. Try making your own cultured food and see what it does for the allergies. I’ll bet you money it will lessen them, if not cure them altogether. Check out this website: http://www.culturedfoodforlife.com

    Happy Spring!

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    1. Hi Judah! Those are great suggestions and I’ll definitely try them! My ears are doing much better so now I just need to focus on my nose and throat. Thank you so much for the suggestions!!


      1. Cool. For the throat: hot tea (any kind), fresh lemon squeeze, raw honey, cinnamon, shot of whiskey, and as much cayenne pepper as you can stand. The cayenne is a natural antibiotic. 🙂

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  3. have your ever thought it is like Star Trek iv? that’s the one where checkov had that thing crawl up his ear cannel. perhaps your maniacal brother did that to you,bwahahaha. he’s been doing it for years. luckily, the little bugger dies off as the weather warms..

    i played indoor soccer in my younger years, goalie too. i sucked. the main reason i got the “job” was i show tenacity by running over a girl in a company softball game, but that’s a story for other day.

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    1. hahaha oh my gosh. That’s a thought I also don’t wanna have! That sounds absolutely awful. It also reminds me of the scarab beetles from The Mummy! haha
      Sounds like me in my first year! That’s straight up savage, my friend. haha I’d love to hear about it though! Seems you may have gotten the better end of that deal lol

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      1. better end of deal?? that’s if having balls continually zoom or trickle my head, mid section, or feet is considered the better end of the deal. i even had a smart-ass goalie travel the length of the field and score on me. hu…mil…i…at…ing.

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      2. I freaking hate it when that happens! That’s one of the most infuriating times to deal with. I had a game where, as soon as the clock started the other team shot the ball from mid-field and scored it right between my legs. It didn’t go well from there on out.

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