Our Roots Define Us…

When you think about a beautiful, vibrant, healthy tree, what comes to mind (besides what I just described)? Do you find yourself gasping in awe of its magnificent branches? Its strong and sturdy body? Or do you think to yourself, ‘Oh, its just another tree”?

It seems to me that the most beautiful and inquisitive things of this life can quickly become the most mundane. It does not take much for an object to become familiar to a naked eye. That which is unique and breath taking can become subjugated into a singular category of “typical” if we’re not careful.

What better item to be placed into the mundane than a tree? Trees are everywhere we look! They’re on mountains, hills, in valleys, and sometimes even in the ocean! So, what is that we’re missing?

The most obvious wonder of a tree is the process wherewith it gives us oxygen to breathe. Without trees we simply would not be able to sustain our lives. What’s more full of wonder to me is what is unseen: the roots.

If you really think about it, the roots of a tree tell an incredible story. On the outside you have what looks like to be any typical, ordinary tree but underneath shows just how long the tree has been there and just how deep its had to go to survive. The roots are what give life to the tree; they establish the foundation of who the tree is. Put plainly, how deep and how wide the roots go will decide whether the tree lives or dies.

I feel that each human soul is like a tree. We all have an external piece covered in flesh and an internal piece that digs below the surface. This is the foundation of who we are. Despite our culture telling us that the outside is most important, it truly is the inward intricacies that define us at our core. Our roots fixate us in the ground wherewith we stand upon.

We all look different, we’re all grounded in different kind of soil, but what remains constant in every single human is this; We all have a story, we all have a journey, and these journeys are our roots.

In order to completely understand and see a tree, or soul, for all that it is worth, we must see what’s underneath the surface. To know the story of the root is to know the very essence of who that tree is.


2 Replies to “Our Roots Define Us…”

  1. yah, and unfortunately is go both ways. we had a seemingly healthy ten year old tree in our back yard. we did some regrading, bringing in a few inches of soil. that smothered the roots and unfortunately, the tree died in less that two years.

    one root system that i find cool i’d nurse rooting and is often found in conifer forests. a seedling begins its growth on a wind blown tree or stump, feeding of of the nutrients of the dying tree. eventually, the seedling needs more water and nutrients than the tree can provide. it sends it roots in search of the goods wrapping its roots around the log. the cycle completes when the log completely rots leaving behind a u shaped root system.

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