My Top Five Pet Peeves

There are some things in the world that I can put up with without becoming overtly enraged. For instance, some people become raging monsters when the food on their plate inadvertently touches and molds together. This such example doesn’t bother me at all. Others can’t stand it when someone incessantly taps their foot/hand on an object nearby. I’m not bothered by this at all because I’m typically the person creating said obscure rhythm (I’m a drummer, I can’t help it).

I guarantee you though, there are many, many things that irk me. So much so that I’m sure anyone who knows me will testify to the fact that a top five list won’t do it all justice. Due to my love for you as my friends and readers I decided that it was best to just keep it to five. Here we go (I’m already aggravated by just thinking about them!).

5.) Not chewing with your mouth closed

The quickest way to gain a “stink eye” and a possible backhand in my family was to chew with your mouth open. We all know people who do this. You’re ridiculous and quite honestly, nobody likes hearing you slowly break your food down inside of your mouth. In fact, it’s downright disgusting. Do us all a favor and keep your mouth shut while you digest? Gracias.


4.) Drivers who don’t know how to drive

Let’s admit it, I’m the best driver in all the land. No? Alright, whatever. We all have encountered drivers on the road who have seemingly lost the common sense needed to operate a car (We’ve been those people too). The two biggest things that incite rage within me while on the road are tailgating and lane hovering. We all know what tailgating is but lane hovering, what is it? That’s when someone (doing less than the posted highway speed limit) is chillin’ in the far left lane or middle lane. They don’t get over for faster vehicles and they’re typically texting/talking on the phone. Let’s make one thing clear: There’s a special lane made just for you (if you’re that person). It’s called the far right lane. Find it, get comfortable, and stay there. Please.


3.) People who use an “exit” as an “entrance”

This infuriates me. Typically I see this at Wal-Mart and I that’s when I lose what little hope of mankind that I had. When any establishment takes the time to label the doors providing a walkway into/out of the store, one would think that they meant for their guests to follow said signs. Do we care? Not at all. It takes a special kind of love to love those who do this. Follow the appropriate rules and we’ll be ok. 🙂


2.) Being ignored

*shivers*. Who honestly doesn’t get upset when they’re obviously ignored? Nothing screams irreparable disrespect more than someone blatantly pretending that you don’t exist. If you want to push a button with me then go ahead and ignore me. Fourth of July might come a little early if you know what I mean. 😉


1.) Being lied to

I know that these last two weren’t very fun but there wasn’t anything I could think of that I hated more. This one personally stems from all of the two-faced people I’ve encountered in my life. What sent me (and still sends me) spiraling into depression is being lied to by another human being. “That’s a lot of power to give to someone, Matty.” Believe me, I know. I simply can’t help it. If someone lies to me then it proves/disproves any belief or assumption I had about said person. If you lie to me it only proves that I was never worth the truth and that’s a horrifically painful thing to come to grips with. Be honest with me even if it hurts.


Don’t be skim milk.

That’s my list! What are some of your biggest pet peeves? 




19 Replies to “My Top Five Pet Peeves”

  1. We definitely share some of the same pet peeves!

    When LM was three, he noticed a man in a restaurant chewing with his mouth open. LM loudly said, “excuse me, didn’t your mommy tell you it’s rude to chew with your mouth open?” I could’ve died, but at least he knows!

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  2. People who leave their trash in random placed… ie the people who leave their Tim Horton’s coffee cups on store shelves because they’re too lazy to find a garbage can. Generally, people who litter really irk me.

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  3. I think we are soulmates – I am with you on almost everything. Sometimes I go out through the entrance doors but that’s okay in Texas because the doors are big enough for two water buffaloes to pass safely. 🙂
    In Texas undertaking (driving not burying) is legal so we can complain ineffectively but also get out of the Buick’s way asap. My major gripe is that yield does not mean merge or vice-versa along with tail-gating. Then I become crazier than normal and put my flashers on, start tooting the horn, gesticulating and that usually makes them think I am packing (an Uzi) so they buzz off to annoy someone else. 🙂

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    1. I’m cracking up over here! I’ve obviously heard that everything is bigger in Texas but two water buffaloes is a bit extensive! haha
      Your description of road rage aptly describes myself too! Though I don’t know if I’ve ever gesticulated before! 😉 Sounds…painful. lolol But hey, if it gets the job done I might just try it! 😛

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      1. I exaggerate not… regarding water buffaloes. You have to gesticulate with one rather than two fingers here but mostly my gesticulation follows my feisty Hispanic/Irish heritage. I mouth certain words at them too… 🙂

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  4. Well, first, we have to get one thing straight. I am the best driver in the world. Me me and only me!

    Now that that’s settled.

    There are such things as stupid questions. We all know it. We say that there aren’t because we assume that everyone involved has been listening to whatever is going on up until this point. When someone asks a question that shows that they obviously haven’t been paying attention….well…it’s probably best if I leave the room at that point.

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    1. hahaha well, we should have a driving contest and see if that’s true or not 😉
      I couldn’t agree more! Thank you to the spineless culture that has raised up a generation to believe that there is nothing wrong with apathetic responses to what typically should elicit love. Like, why waste my breath if you’re not going to even pretend to care by listening?

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  5. When one of my coworkers comes to get the supplies in the cabinet above my desk and they don’t close the f**king doors!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry. Wow. That just happened and I guess it makes me angrier than I care to admit 😉

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    1. Hahaha that’s what this is for! Let it all out and let the world know 😉
      I began to think while writing this that some may think that I hate almost everything in life and am always angry. Then I thought…Well, they wouldn’t be wrong! haha
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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