Through Shattered Glass

Through shattered glass I find perception;

Sight into the worldview of obsolete discretion

My eyes perceive my soul discreetly

I hide myself in the shadows secretly

They say “there’s hope beyond the blurry lines”

I only feel despair within this heart of mine

Farther into the remnant I go

Looking for a whole piece of me to show

What defines a man who’s empty, lost of feeling?

The sacrifice of one who so perfectly is bleeding?

The glass of my existence falls silently to the ground

No sound is made nor a scream can be found

Scars of what remains evades my wrist

No one ever told me it would feel like this

Broken, lost, and stealing my healing

I look to the one who so succinctly hears me

This silent, shattered soul is kneeling

Crushed by the weight of constantly believing

The emotional gives way to the logical

The weight lifted is astronomical

Through shattered glass I find faulty perception;

I find myself standing at this intersection

Believe the lies that I die beside?

Or trust that I no longer have to hide?

Through shattered glass I see who I really am

Broken and lost yet loved by the Great I am

2 Replies to “Through Shattered Glass”

  1. WOW!
    You’re an awesome poet.

    This one reminds me that we can look at ourselves through shattered glass of our shortcoming and defects and believe they are who we are.
    That’s why it’s important for us to know we are much more. God has gifted each of us in some way. And with His help, we can see more accurately who we REALLY are.


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